Sunday, July 2, 2017

Upcoming posts ~ Summer 2017

Welcome back!

I'm really sorry for not blogging for half a year! Time is passing way too fast and I was so busy with studying and preparing for my bachelor thesis, which I handed in last week! This means I'm finally having more time to think about posts and videos! Yes, I want to film more! Can't wait!!

So here's my list of posts which are about to come within the next weeks! 

Tokyo Cloths Haul
Behind the Scenes in Tokyo 
DeDeCo Dresden Photoshooting (Love Live!)
My trip to Bangladesh
10 reasons why I enjoyed visiting Bangladesh
10 cultural differences - Germany vs. Bangladesh
Lolita outfit timeline
10 reasons why I love traveling alone
Visiting Mallorca and Ibiza (Spain)

I'm still thinking about more topics and I'm pretty sure I will write something one-pot-receipt related or lazy cooking related as well! I want to film videos about some of those topics as well, so especially the Bangladesh ones will get vlogs and videos since I filmed a lot! ♥

I hope you will follow me around!

The Tokyo Cloths Haul will be posted this afternoon!

If you have any request please tell me! ♥

Thanks for reading!
Kanon ♥

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