Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tokyo Cloths Haul

Hey everyone!

Today I finally want to show you the cloths I've bought in Japan! 
Most of the stuff was bought at Closet Child, which is a second hand shop related to Lolita fashion as well has casual cute stuff and gothic cloths. I rather buy there since it's so much cheaper! And you can find some rare pieces as well!
Actually I bought so much that I had a hard time closing my baggage on the last day. I was wearing many layer of cloths and even had to send myself a pair of shoes because there wasn't any space left. Mostly not because I've bought too much but because I brought too many cloths from home! For example, I've never worn my long jeans or warm shoes, since it was around 30°C all the time! This would never happen in Germany, so I packed warm stuff as well... which I never needed. Next time I'll be smarter and bring like two outfits and buy the rest in Japan. (Next time will be this December, yay!)

So, I should finish talking and finally show you the cloths! Enjoy! ♥

This was the final pair at the Swimmer Shop in Sunshine City! I only payed 1000 Yen for these cuties!

 Angelic Pretty - Musee du Chocolat JSK and the cute Country of Sweets JSK (Angelic Pretty) which included the matching headbow.
I somehow fell in love with brown dresses and will definitely buy more chocolate prints!

 My fave JSK lately: Dolly Cat (Angelic Pretty) and Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale (Baby, the Stars shine bright). I also got the matching OTKs for Dolly Cat (pink and white).

Some small shop in Harajuku sold pretty baretts. I use this for my Dolly Cat coord! The shop was called something like Romatic, but I'm not sure anymore. :(

Pretty brown shoes from Axes Femme

I got these one day before finding the Axes Femmes one at Closet Child. These ones are from Shibuya109! A paradise for shoe lovers, haha. :D

A dark red Axes Femme sweater which I wear with this floral Axes Femme dress. Actually I haven't worn these colors in ages, but when I saw this dress at Closet Child I had to buy it along with the matching top!

Usually I don't wear blue either but this lovely cat dress from Axes Femme was on sale at Closet Child so I had to get it!

Purple Amavel suspender skirt

Brown Axes Femme suspender skirt

 A fluffy Angelic Pretty cardigan and a sweet and old school cardigan by Baby the Stars shine bright

A brown Angelic Pretty blouse I got for Musee du Chocolat and a pink blouse from Metamorphose which I got for Dolly Cat.

The white pullover was one of the few new items I bought. I got it at Min Plume in Shibuya109. The purple sweater is from Metamorphose.

 Both items are from Wonder Rocket Harajuku: A pink blouse and a white keyhole sweater which is super lovely but also really tight, even on my skinny body. :D

This skirt was actually the first thing I bought in Japan. It's from forever21 in Harajuku.

Which one is your favorite item? And if you've been to Japan before, which is your favorite shop? ♥

Thank you for reading and for your patience! 

Kanon. ♥

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