Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tokyo 2016 ~ Non-cloths haul ♥

Hey everyone!!

I'm back from Tokyo so I really want to tell you about my trip! It's sooo much to write about and that's why I want to start with my non-cloths haul. I got so much stuff and I'm amazed by how many things actually fit into my baggage. :D

Let's start~

That's everything in one picture. Some items were gifts but I will describe them in the close up pictures. :D 

EXO Lotto album from Tower Records
My card holder from Swimmer Ikebukuro
CDs: Big Bang, NU'EST, Girls' Generation and AKB48 from Book-Off Shinjuku
Himezawa Wagamama Love Single from Himezawa personally ♥
Bananya plushie from Kiddy Land Harajuku (gift)
LM.C Key Chain from Closet Child Harajuku
Kotori Keychain from Akiba
Sweets erasers from a huge store in Akiba (gifts)
Sanrio pencil from Sanrio Store Ikebukuro (gift)
Hello Kitty Chopsticks from Sanrio shop in Tokyo Tower
Sticky Notes from Daiso Harajuku
Love Live Keychain pack from Akiba
Honey Cinnamon purse from the Popteen Magazine
Another Love Live keychain from Akiba
Chopsticks from Daiso Harajuku

Little Twin Stars pencil case from Kiddy Land Harajuku
Zipper bags from a 100 Yen shop at Yanaka Ginza
Personalized Hello Kitty Spoon from Sanrio Store in Tokyo Twoer
Love Live Sunshine water from the Pop Up Store in Laforet Harajuku
My Melody calendar 2017 from Sanrio Store Ikebukuro
Another Bananya from Kiddy Land Harajuku
Matcha Kitkat from Don Quijote (gift)
Sanrio Bath Bomb from Kiddy Land Harajuku
Kotori keychain from Akiba
Small blue Lucky Charm from Asakusa (gift)
Rest as mentioned above

Notebook from Daiso Harajuku
Keychains from Asakusa (gifts)
Pokemon Socks from Pokemon Center Ikebukuro (gift)
Kotori keychain from Akiba
Bunny notes from Daiso Harajuku (gift)
Imai Kira postcards from OIOI Shinjuku
Little Twin Stars towel from Kiddy Land Harajuku
Ruby stickers from the Pop Up Store at Laforet Harajuku
Tokyo magnets from Asakusa (partly gifts)
Star hairclip from Closet Child Harajuku (gift)
Matching ring, bracelet and necklace from Closet Child Harajuku
Little Geisha keychain from Asakusa
Rest as mentioned above

Fluffy purse and fluffy bag from Daiso Harajuku (gift)
Letter paper from Daiso Harajuku (gift)
Ageha, Popteen and Larme Magazine
Dubai postcard and magnets from Dubai Duty Free
Love Live Ema from Kanda Miyojin Akiba
Kotori figure from Akiba
Cute cutlery boxes from Daiso Harajuku (gifts)

Postcard set from Asakusa
Little Twin Stars letter paper from Kiddy Land Harajuku
Kotori Doujinshi from Melon Books Akiba
Rest as mentioned above

This was pretty much everything I got from Tokyo. I really love the jewelry and the Kotori merchandise I got! 
If you want to know more about a certain item or where the shop is, just message me. As long as I remember I will tell you everything you want to know. :D

My next post will be about my time in Japan. I don't know how many posts there will be but I guess I'll write one post for each day in Tokyo since there's so much to tell you about! Maybe I can write my cloths haul post soon too! But I still need to take the photos. :D

I hope you liked my haul!

Thanks for reading! ♥

Kanon. ♥