Sunday, August 7, 2016

Urban Fairytale in Berlin ~ 24th July 2016

Hey everyone!!

Today I want to show you some photos of Urban Fairytale, a Lolita event which took place in Berlin on 23rd and 24th July 2016!
I only bought a General Admission ticket for Sunday, the Main Event, since it would have been to expensive for me to go both days. One day was 50€ and apparently you had to buy a weekend ticket to visit the Tea Party on Saturday. So you couldn't get a ticket for the Tea Party only... 
I also applied to be a model and a staff member. 
Luckily Baby, the Stars shine bright chose me to be a model for them! I was so happy and the outfit I was wearing was made for me. 

On my way to Berlin. :D It was sooo hot that day!!

So I arrived in Berlin on Saturday evening and went to my friend Maybelle's house. She lives two subway stops away from the venue so this was really cool. We were planning to go to an anime disco this evening, but all of us were kinda tired. So we stayed at home and watched a movie that day. :D

The next morning I dressed up and went to the Zitadelle in Berlin Spandau. At first I lost my way because the area was huge and the signs were confusing but eventually I've found the others. As soon as the Baby-staff arrived, we started fitting and practiced posing and walking for the fashion show. Sadly there was not so much time between the rehearsal and the opening, so it was useless to change back to our own coords. Especially since the fashion show was right after the opening session. This was extremely annoying for the models who bought a VIP ticket, because we weren't allowed to leave the changing room with Baby-cloths on. So no time for us to go lolita shopping before the fashion show. 

The fashion show itself was my highlight of the day. I really enjoyed modeling and everyone was super nice. 

The Baby the Stars shine bright staff also took photos of each model after the fashion show. Here are some stalker photos. :D

Afterwards, I had 30 mins to walk around the stalls. Since I'm saving all my money for Japan, I didn't buy anything although I saw tons of nice stuff. 

This was the Bring & Buy
And the Baby the Stars shine bright corner. :D

The coolest thing was that I met my penpal Clementine from Hawaii! She has a German boyfriend and was in Germany for a language course, so she decided to come to Berlin for Urban Fairytale! 
I also met a lot of other friends, which is one of the best things about events.

With Clementine

After looking at all the cute things, I helped at the Bring & Buy. Taking care of people and stuff. Not that exciting but it was funny to watch people who were looking through the dresses until they found something they really love. I remember a girl talking about floral prints to her friend who found a super sweet floral dress (which a friend of mine sold). She was so happy about finding the dress that she bought it right away. :D

There was also a "Princess of the day" contest and a Lolita quiz but sadly I couldn't join it since I was an assistant at the Bring & Buy. A photo corner was built as well, but again, I had no time for photos. :(

There were also super delicious vegan muffins!! 

Unfortunately I had to leave the venue at 6pm, because of my train. I had to go to uni the next morning, so I couldn't spend another night in Berlin.
I arrived at home at midnight and was so tired the next day. But it was worth it!

Last week I also found out that Baby, the Stars shine bright shared our photos on their official twitter channel!! This was my photo:
I was so happy about this!! Such an honor!! 

I hope I can attend another Lolita event soon!


Photos either by me or Louyse Harkness