Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book fair in Leipzig 2016

Hey everyone!

Form 17th March to 20th March, I attended the famous book fair in Leipzig! Actually, I wanted to go there from Friday to Sunday but they changed my university schedule which suddenly said, I have no single lesson on Friday! So I got Thursday off instead and went to Leipzig for four days! This was pretty amazing since I had enough time to go shopping on Thursday. It gets really crowded on the other days. 

My outfits:

On Thursday I started my trip with my friend Aiko! I also bought a lot, which you'll see in a photo at the end of this post. :D
At the end of the day I ate something which didn't taste that good so I felt sick and couldn't eat proper dinner with my friends. ;___; 

I wore my Sakuya Lolita JSK this day, because it's really comfortable, hehe. 

Photos by Ursus van Draco: Blog/Deviant Art

On Friday, my boyfriend arrived in Leipzig too. He stayed at my friend's place with me, so it was pretty cool, that we could spend the con together. We don't see each other regularly so this was a rare moment, haha. 
I wore my Powder Rose coord! It's one of my faves, especially because I'm in love with my headdress, haha. :D
I met my cute friend Maybelle right at the end of the day! 
For dinner, we went to Pizza Hut. I was so hungry, that eating this delicious Margarita was the best thing I ever did. xD

Me with Maybelle <3 One of my most liked pictures on Instagram. :D

On Saturday, I actually wanted to buy the book my friend Himezawa has published last year, but I was too late, so the copies they brought for that day have been sold already. 
My boyfriend and I spent the most of the time in the games area, in front of the stage or playing Go. Saturday is always super busy and crowded but I met a lot of people! Almost everyone I wanted to meet! It's really difficult to find each other on Saturday. ;w;
I also attended the Lolita meet up and had a nice chat with the girls. :D Everyone liked my Sakuya Lolita coord, because it was sparkling. My whole coord was from Taobao. :D

With Maybelle again

I also met Mikan! I followed his posts for a long time and I was really happy to finally meet him in person! 

On Sunday, I wore a cosplay! It was a bit cold every now and then but in the end, I enjoyed being Kotori, haha. I also bought the copy of Himezawas book and some Pocky. The day was kinda quiet, so we played games or watched the shows on the stage. :D I love less exhausting days like that. 
With Maybelle again! <3

We were lucky enough to meet Jamie Lee Kriewitz short before her autograph session! She's so cute!!

Some derpy photos with Sheepcloud Cosplay <3

And a photo with Doko-kun. :D

Here is my "small" book fair haul!

Kotori Minami (Snow Halation) figure, Popteen April 2016, GLB spring 2016, Love Live Poster, Sailor Moon necklace by Melty Wish, Staubmädchen by Sabrina Schultes and the sushi pillow. The pillow was a gift from my boyfriend. :D 

I had some really nice (and exhausting) days, but it was totally worth it! My next con will be Mizacko in Zwickau and after that, Connichi in Kassel. Since I'm planning to go to Japan in fall, I don't go to any other con this year. Saving up. :)

I hope you liked my post! See you soon!
Kanon. ♥

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