Friday, February 19, 2016

DeDeCo in Dresden

Hey everyone!

I attended DeDeCo in Dresden again this year. It took place from 12th to 14 March! It was my fifth DeDeCo and guess what; it was the fifth DeDeCo in general! So I went to that con from the very beginning!

On Friday I had to take an exam in economics. It wasn't that difficult so I guess I passed. Economics was my favorite subject while everyone else complained about it. I dunno why. :D 
After another two lectures of law, a friend took me with her to Dresden. This was so much better than going by train. ><

This time I took a lot of photos and I'm so happy about that! I still feel like I need some more, but I will show you some in this post. :D

I didn't buy much, only food, a bracelet with stars for my gothic coord, a second hand G&LB and a love live poster. :D

Here's my coord on Friday! <3 

Coord info:

JSK: Powder Rose (Angelic Pretty)
Headdress: Taobao
Tights: Metamorphose
Shoes & Blouse: Bodyline
Jewelry: Offbrand & Claire's
Wig: Lockshop's Cascade Faerie

On Saturday I cosplayed again! After almost two years I wore a cosplay! 
I decided to cosplay Kotori because she's my favorite character and I just love the anime so much! I got the costume from taobao and I will write a review about it some day. :D

On sunday I wore a coord which was very different from my usual ones. I tried Gothic Lolita for the first time! I pre-ordered the dress in October and it arrived exactly three days before DeDeCo. I had to drive to the customs office to pic it up but it was definitely worth it! I love the fabric and how I'm looking in it! I got a lot of compliments and I'm sooo happy! 
It was Valentine's day but unfortunately my boyfriend couldn't come. He was at the con on Saturday but he really needed as many days as possible for studying. ;___; 

Coord info:

JSK: Sakuya Lolita
Headdress: Taobao
Tights: Taobao
Shoes: Offbrand

Blouse: Bodyline
Jewelry: Offbrand & Claire's
Wig: Taobao


I hope you liked the photos! As soon as I get more photos I will write another blogpost! 
Next posts are gonna be definitely reviews, especially the review to my shopping-service which pre-ordered the gothic lolita dress for me, spreenow! 

Thank you for reading! <3

Yours, Kanon