Monday, January 4, 2016

Eastern Elegance Christmas Tea Party 2015

Hello frillies!

At the 5th December (which is actual international lolita day) I attended the second Christmas tea party of my comm. This time it took place in Jena in a room which belonged to the church. Behind the house was a small park which was nice for taking photos.

Sadly the location wasn't the best. I really liked the one last year. This time it only looked like... a room (eating in there was like eating in a school's canteen). They tried to make a nice decoration, but sadly it didn't help to make the room look nice. 

I took some photos of the buffet:

Sweets and cakes

Little puddings (which contained gelatin except for the chocolate ones... which I didn't like.)

The other food we had which wasn't candy. :D

All in all I liked the food. It was enough and tasty and there were some vegetarian ones for me. But I'll never understand why people need to put gelatin into self-made pudding. It's disgusting.

At the beginning we got some small goodie bags. 
In this photo you can see mine and my secret santa gift. 

Basically we ate, had a raffle and took some photos. It was kinda cold outside so we couldn't be outside for that long. There was also a Bring & Buy where I bought super cute new shoes!

I can't wait to wear them in summer! *o*

And here are the gifts I got from the goodie bag and my secret santa gift!

Secret santa gift: The macaroon box which contained the purple macaroon necklace, package of tiny Hello Kitty nailfiles, cute bracelet with cakes and ice cream, vegan chocolate, Hello Kitty plasters.
Raffle/goodie bag: Fake lashes, necklace with blue bow, black necklace

I was so happy that my secret santa gave me vegan chocolate! I wasn't expecting that because even my close friends forget about looking at the ingredients when they give me food. :D
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of my coord yet... but a group photo:

Here's a photo of the coord from the tea party. It was taken two weeks later when I was wearing it again for the Christmas party of my Anime club. 

I really hope I'll get the photos soon, so I can make a post with them. I'm still waiting for the ones from Connichi in September tho... 

See you again!! <3

//Kanon. ♥

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