Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My favorite taobao shop ~ Part 1 - 墨酱小铺

Hello everyone!!

I decided to introduce my favorite taobao shops to you! Today I want to show you a perfect and cute shop for headdresses and accessories!

It's called  墨酱小铺 (shop70643382)!
Actually google translate says these Chinese characters mean "Mexican Sauce Shop"?! :'D

Some examples:

This beautiful headdress comes in different colors and matches gothic cords very well. I own the black one and all I can say is that it's good quality and it looks exactly like in the photo!

If you look closely, you can see little crowns on them! Those cuties come as a pair of two ones!

They also sell these flower clips with are perfect for floral coords or everyday himekaji looks!

These are basically my fave ones! I own the pink headdress and it's just perfect! I want to thank Himezawa who showed this beautiful accessory in her taobao haul!

They also sell this bonnet which I really like. I don't own it but maybe I'll order it later on for one of my coords!

I highly recommend this shop because they have a huge variety of headdresses, bows and bonnets and there's one for every single coord! At least I think so. The prices aren't pricey at all and their quality is perfect! 
They also sell necklaces and wristcuffs! Just check them out!!
If you need a Taobao shoppingservice to order one of these products, check out my Basetao Review!! 

I hope you liked it!

Kanon ♥

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  1. The headbows looks simply lovely! Added to the cart!