Sunday, December 6, 2015

50 facts about me!

Hey everyone!

I got inspired by Himezawas 50 Facts About Me video, so I wanted to make a blogpost too! 

1. I'm from Germany and grew up in a town with about 100.000 inhabitants. For my studies, I moved out at the age of 19 and moved to a smaller town with about 17.000 inhabitants.

2. I'm usually broke, but not because I have no money left but because I'm saving money for something else. This lead to the situation that I didn't want to go e.g. to the cinema with my friends because I rather saved the money for a concert ticket. 

3. I've never been a party person. I rather spend my evening with my family, in front of the computer or at a restaurant with friends.

4. But when I was younger I sometimes went to a kinda "teenager party" at the only discotheque in my town. It was for kids from 12 to 18 and I went there with friends from my school. 

5. I won my first laptop at such a party in 2010 when I was 15. After that day I never went to one of these parties again, especially because I didn't really like the music they were playing anymore.

6. I got into Visual Kei and J-Rock in 2009 after a concert of Cinema Bizarre, a German Visual Kei band. I started wearing Oshare Kei and Decora daily. Even at school.

7. I used to be a huge fan of Tokio Hotel, which was the main reason why I got bullied by some classmates. They hated them. After I started dressing in Oshare Kei cloths, they bullied me as well, because they didn't understand why I liked that style.

8. I got my first smartphone in 2013, when I was 19. 

9. I rarely cheated during tests at school. While my fellow students googled the answers with their smartphone, I had none. When I cheated, I wrote some facts we had to learn by heart in Hiragana. None of my teachers spoke Japanese.

10. I only skipped school once. I wanted to go to the Book fair in Leipzig on Friday as well, so my friend and I pretended to be ill. That time I was already 18.

11. I always hated maths but I got a great teacher in grade 11 which made me love maths a lot.

12. After graduation I worked at a museum to earn money for moving out. I had nice coworkers, but the work was often boring, so in the end I think it was a waste of time.

13. I like 2008 a friend asked me if I would do cosplay. Back then I said, I don't have the money, so I would never do that. Today, seven years later, I have five "real" cosplays. Well, I changed my mind.

14. I never watched TV after I came home from school. 

15. I loved climbing on trees and playing outside a lot. I also went to playgrounds with my sister a lot.

16. I have a younger sister who is 17 years old.

17. When I was like 10 I wanted to marry with 18 and have a child with 20. I'm 21 now and both things didn't happen.

18. I had a girlfriend when I was 16 and it almost lasted for half a year.

19. I'm pansexual, because I don't care about anyone's gender. If I like a person, I like them because of who they are and not because of their gender.

20. I used to spend a lot of money on manga. I own more than 200.

21. My first anime was Sailor Moon. 

22. I love reading a lot but unfortunately I don't have enough time for reading anymore.

21. I study business and tourism and I like it a lot.

22. I work at a travel agency which makes it possible for me to go on business trips abroad and to get 50% off on travels with our travel operator.

23. I once wrote a love letter to someone in grade 5 and the next day everyone talked about it but no one ever found out that it was me.

24. I wouldn't say I'm a shy person, but I'm an introvert. I analyze people and situations first so I know how to behave and how some people react to certain things. I only talk when I want to. When I'm comfortable with someone, I'm really outgoing and talk a lot.

25. I often want to say something, but I just don't know how. I rarely know when it's my turn to speak in a conversation, especially with more people. 

26. Politeness is really important for me, no matter who you're talking to.

27. I don't believe in love at the first sight. Maybe it's lust or interest in the first sight, but not love. Love develops when you get to know a person better and for more than just a few minutes. 

28. To me, there's a real difference between crushing on someone, falling in love with someone and loving someone.

29. I believe that everyone we meet and get to know better teaches us something, even if they end up hating us.

30. I love cooking and baking. 

31. I'm vegetarian but no, I don't care about what you eat as long as you don't make nasty comments about my lifestyle. These "jokes" aren't funny but really ignorant and offending. 

32. I'm naturally skinny and I hate people asking me why I'm so skinny and if I eat enough. That's all hormones and heredity, I cannot change it no matter how much chocolate I eat.

33. I don't really think that being as skinny as me is an advantage. People who tell me they want to look like me, don't know how it feels to not find a fitting jeans in a store or to get strange looks from strangers because you're only wearing tights and your legs look even thinner.

34. In grade 5 a girl asked me "Are you naturally skinny? Because I only know that people are skinny like you when they're anorexic."

35. I have a boyfriend. We met in February 2014 and it took us exactly a year until we got into a relationship with each other.

36. I don't think waiting so long is a bad thing. We had enough time to figure out if we get along well, how the other one is behaving/thinking and so on. We already got to know each other's flaws as well. 

37. I don't have a driver's licence yet.

38. My favorite manga is Death Note. I met the mangaka this year.

39. My favorite singer is Gackt. When I first found out about him, I thought he was like 25. Actually he was already 37.

40. I always cook with fresh vegetables and try to avoid any frozen foods or convenience food. More over I always cook with my boyfriend. Or we make cakes.

41. I'm 10000% pro asylum.

42. I speak German, English, French and Spanish. I try to learn Japanese on my own.

43. I got my first brand dress in 2012 when I went to San Francisco with my family.

44. When I got into lolita I saw Sugary Carnival and thought it was actually a print from Dream of Lolita. But a friend told me that these were replicas, so I never bought it. Thank god.

45. I don't like print replicas, especially when the owners have stupid explanations why they're not buying the real dress. But that's my own opinion.

46. I hate breaking my habits. When I get up for work or university I have an order how I'm doing things, e.g. what to do first. I also have a kinda standard seat in my train and get really annoyed when it's already taken.

47. I would like to film youtube videos but I'm so uncomfortable with my voice!

48. I'm really emotional which means I cry over cute scenes in movies/books as well as over sad scenes. And I cry over emotional news esp. when animals are involved. I easily cry.

49. I only had a best friend in Primary School, 

50. I want to be an everyday lolita, but I have a lack of money.

I hope you enjoyed reading these. If you have any more questions, let me know!! ♥


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