Sunday, December 6, 2015

50 facts about me!

Hey everyone!

I got inspired by Himezawas 50 Facts About Me video, so I wanted to make a blogpost too! 

1. I'm from Germany and grew up in a town with about 100.000 inhabitants. For my studies, I moved out at the age of 19 and moved to a smaller town with about 17.000 inhabitants.

2. I'm usually broke, but not because I have no money left but because I'm saving money for something else. This lead to the situation that I didn't want to go e.g. to the cinema with my friends because I rather saved the money for a concert ticket. 

3. I've never been a party person. I rather spend my evening with my family, in front of the computer or at a restaurant with friends.

4. But when I was younger I sometimes went to a kinda "teenager party" at the only discotheque in my town. It was for kids from 12 to 18 and I went there with friends from my school. 

5. I won my first laptop at such a party in 2010 when I was 15. After that day I never went to one of these parties again, especially because I didn't really like the music they were playing anymore.

6. I got into Visual Kei and J-Rock in 2009 after a concert of Cinema Bizarre, a German Visual Kei band. I started wearing Oshare Kei and Decora daily. Even at school.

7. I used to be a huge fan of Tokio Hotel, which was the main reason why I got bullied by some classmates. They hated them. After I started dressing in Oshare Kei cloths, they bullied me as well, because they didn't understand why I liked that style.

8. I got my first smartphone in 2013, when I was 19. 

9. I rarely cheated during tests at school. While my fellow students googled the answers with their smartphone, I had none. When I cheated, I wrote some facts we had to learn by heart in Hiragana. None of my teachers spoke Japanese.

10. I only skipped school once. I wanted to go to the Book fair in Leipzig on Friday as well, so my friend and I pretended to be ill. That time I was already 18.

11. I always hated maths but I got a great teacher in grade 11 which made me love maths a lot.

12. After graduation I worked at a museum to earn money for moving out. I had nice coworkers, but the work was often boring, so in the end I think it was a waste of time.

13. I like 2008 a friend asked me if I would do cosplay. Back then I said, I don't have the money, so I would never do that. Today, seven years later, I have five "real" cosplays. Well, I changed my mind.

14. I never watched TV after I came home from school. 

15. I loved climbing on trees and playing outside a lot. I also went to playgrounds with my sister a lot.

16. I have a younger sister who is 17 years old.

17. When I was like 10 I wanted to marry with 18 and have a child with 20. I'm 21 now and both things didn't happen.

18. I had a girlfriend when I was 16 and it almost lasted for half a year.

19. I'm pansexual, because I don't care about anyone's gender. If I like a person, I like them because of who they are and not because of their gender.

20. I used to spend a lot of money on manga. I own more than 200.

21. My first anime was Sailor Moon. 

22. I love reading a lot but unfortunately I don't have enough time for reading anymore.

21. I study business and tourism and I like it a lot.

22. I work at a travel agency which makes it possible for me to go on business trips abroad and to get 50% off on travels with our travel operator.

23. I once wrote a love letter to someone in grade 5 and the next day everyone talked about it but no one ever found out that it was me.

24. I wouldn't say I'm a shy person, but I'm an introvert. I analyze people and situations first so I know how to behave and how some people react to certain things. I only talk when I want to. When I'm comfortable with someone, I'm really outgoing and talk a lot.

25. I often want to say something, but I just don't know how. I rarely know when it's my turn to speak in a conversation, especially with more people. 

26. Politeness is really important for me, no matter who you're talking to.

27. I don't believe in love at the first sight. Maybe it's lust or interest in the first sight, but not love. Love develops when you get to know a person better and for more than just a few minutes. 

28. To me, there's a real difference between crushing on someone, falling in love with someone and loving someone.

29. I believe that everyone we meet and get to know better teaches us something, even if they end up hating us.

30. I love cooking and baking. 

31. I'm vegetarian but no, I don't care about what you eat as long as you don't make nasty comments about my lifestyle. These "jokes" aren't funny but really ignorant and offending. 

32. I'm naturally skinny and I hate people asking me why I'm so skinny and if I eat enough. That's all hormones and heredity, I cannot change it no matter how much chocolate I eat.

33. I don't really think that being as skinny as me is an advantage. People who tell me they want to look like me, don't know how it feels to not find a fitting jeans in a store or to get strange looks from strangers because you're only wearing tights and your legs look even thinner.

34. In grade 5 a girl asked me "Are you naturally skinny? Because I only know that people are skinny like you when they're anorexic."

35. I have a boyfriend. We met in February 2014 and it took us exactly a year until we got into a relationship with each other.

36. I don't think waiting so long is a bad thing. We had enough time to figure out if we get along well, how the other one is behaving/thinking and so on. We already got to know each other's flaws as well. 

37. I don't have a driver's licence yet.

38. My favorite manga is Death Note. I met the mangaka this year.

39. My favorite singer is Gackt. When I first found out about him, I thought he was like 25. Actually he was already 37.

40. I always cook with fresh vegetables and try to avoid any frozen foods or convenience food. More over I always cook with my boyfriend. Or we make cakes.

41. I'm 10000% pro asylum.

42. I speak German, English, French and Spanish. I try to learn Japanese on my own.

43. I got my first brand dress in 2012 when I went to San Francisco with my family.

44. When I got into lolita I saw Sugary Carnival and thought it was actually a print from Dream of Lolita. But a friend told me that these were replicas, so I never bought it. Thank god.

45. I don't like print replicas, especially when the owners have stupid explanations why they're not buying the real dress. But that's my own opinion.

46. I hate breaking my habits. When I get up for work or university I have an order how I'm doing things, e.g. what to do first. I also have a kinda standard seat in my train and get really annoyed when it's already taken.

47. I would like to film youtube videos but I'm so uncomfortable with my voice!

48. I'm really emotional which means I cry over cute scenes in movies/books as well as over sad scenes. And I cry over emotional news esp. when animals are involved. I easily cry.

49. I only had a best friend in Primary School, 

50. I want to be an everyday lolita, but I have a lack of money.

I hope you enjoyed reading these. If you have any more questions, let me know!! ♥


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My favorite taobao shop ~ Part 1 - 墨酱小铺

Hello everyone!!

I decided to introduce my favorite taobao shops to you! Today I want to show you a perfect and cute shop for headdresses and accessories!

It's called  墨酱小铺 (shop70643382)!
Actually google translate says these Chinese characters mean "Mexican Sauce Shop"?! :'D

Some examples:

This beautiful headdress comes in different colors and matches gothic cords very well. I own the black one and all I can say is that it's good quality and it looks exactly like in the photo!

If you look closely, you can see little crowns on them! Those cuties come as a pair of two ones!

They also sell these flower clips with are perfect for floral coords or everyday himekaji looks!

These are basically my fave ones! I own the pink headdress and it's just perfect! I want to thank Himezawa who showed this beautiful accessory in her taobao haul!

They also sell this bonnet which I really like. I don't own it but maybe I'll order it later on for one of my coords!

I highly recommend this shop because they have a huge variety of headdresses, bows and bonnets and there's one for every single coord! At least I think so. The prices aren't pricey at all and their quality is perfect! 
They also sell necklaces and wristcuffs! Just check them out!!
If you need a Taobao shoppingservice to order one of these products, check out my Basetao Review!! 

I hope you liked it!

Kanon ♥

Shopvorstellung: Mia Berlin

(This is in German only, since it's a German shop)

Hallo liebe LeserInnen! <3

Heute möchte ich euch einen Shop vorstellen! 
Mia Berlin ist ein Shop, welcher Abendkleider, Brautkleider, Cocktailkleider, allgemein festliche Kleider und Abiballkleider zu günstigen Preisen verkauft. 

Ich habe mich mal ein bisschen auf der Webseite umgesehen und werde euch jetzt meine drei Lieblingskleider zeigen!

Das erste ist aus der Kategorie Ballkleider

Dieses schöne Kleid hat meine Lieblingsfarbe und dazu noch wunderschöne silberne Details. Zu finden ist es hier

Das zweite Kleid findet man in der Kategorie Brautkleider 2015

Da ich keine ärmellosen Brautkleider mag, hat mir dieses sehr gut gefallen, vor allem wegen der Spitze oben! Doch die Brautkleiderkollektion ist riesig und inzwischen wird auch schon die des nächsten Jahres angekündigt. Hier ist der Link.

Zum Schluss noch ein dunkleres Abiballkleid

Der Rock ist echt total fluffig und da die meisten Schüler eh ein langes Kleid zum Abiball tragen, ist diese Länge doch mal eine nette Abwechslung! Das Kleid gibt es auch in anderen Farben. Hier der Link.

Bezahlen kann man per Kreditkarte, Überweisung oder Western Union. Leider kein Paypal.

Standardversand dauert zwischen 7 und 15 Tagen (zzgl. Bearbeitungsdauer). Hat man es dringender, kann man den Expressversand wählen, bei dem das Paket in ca. 6 Tagen ankommen müsste.
Da alle Kleider individuell angefertig werden, kann es jedoch zu einer Bearbeitungsdauer von bis zu einem Monat kommen. Dies sollte man bei der Bestellung beachten.

Ich hoffe, euch gefällt meine Auswahl!

Bis später,
Kanon ♥

(Dieser Post wurde gesponsert von Mia Berlin)