Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Buying from Yahoo Auctions Japan with Buyee

Hey everyone!

A while ago I purchased my first dress from Yahoo Auctions. As many of you know, it's not possible to buy from there when you're not living in Japan. I used the shopping service Buyee which is operated by Tenso to win the auction.

So, how does it work?

After opening an account you connect your paypal with your account, so buyee can get the money right after you won the bid. 
Afterwards it's pretty easy, so there's not a wall of text to explain how it works. 
You're looking for your item and you're bidding on it on your own in real time. You can also snipe bid an item, which means you decide on the highest price you want to pay for it and afterwards you just wait. If there's no one who wants to pay more, you'll win it... if someone else has more money than you, you will lose. It's a good way to bid if you're not able to be online at the time the auction ends.
But of course you can also sit in front of your computer and bid every time someone outbids you. That's what I did. :D At first I tried to get a Melty Chocolate set for about 130€, but within the last three seconds someone outbid me... :(

Then I decided to get the Powder Rose JSK in pink. No one else bid on it, so it was easy for me. :D 

Right after I won the auction, I automatically transferred the money to buyee. 

Afterwards I had to wait until the dress arrived at buyee's warehouse. It took almost a week to get there.

Then I could decide on a shipping method. I used the cheapest one, which was almost 20€. Before the check out I could decide what's written on the delivery note. Unfortunately I could only decide on "cloths" and not on a specific type of cloths which caused me trouble later.

After everything was done and the shipping was automatically payed again, I waited for the package. It didn't talk more than a week to get here.
But it ended up at my local customs office which is in the middle of no where. Literally! I had my dad to pick it up... 
But he had to go there twice, because my paypal receipt wasn't enough. Because there was written "cloths" on the delivery note, they needed a prove that I really ordered a dress. Because "cloths" could also mean "skirt" or "scarf"... So I had to print a screenshot of the auction to show them that I really ordered that dress and that I payed for the dress. After that I got my dress. On Monday after the con I wanted to wear it. Great! Not...

Here's the package I got:

The seller put the dress into a cute Hello Kitty bag! Aww~

And here's the dress:

 It was in great condition without any flaws and I can't wait to wear it!
I will show you worn pictures later! So please be patient!

Summery of my experience:

I didn't have any questions, but they also notified me when something about my order changed and they also replied to my email when I had problems with the customs office.  

Normal shipping rates, fast shipping

The items were safe in the package, but there was a problem with the customs declaration (the "cloths" issue)

Condition of the item:
Everything was as expected and nothing got damaged

Service Fee:
10% of the item's price or at least 500 Yen when the item is cheaper than 5000 Yen. Additionally there's a 200 Yen payment fee.

Overall experience:
I would definitly shop with them again!

I hope you liked my review! Hope to see you again!
Kanon ♥


  1. Hello, Kanon! I'm new on this blog and I'm a big fan of Germany so you just gained a new reader :)
    I've never tried Buyee, I was afraid of japanese auctions (not sure why) but since I've found big deals there, I'll be hunting too. Thanks a lot for the Buyee review, I'll be using it on the future!


  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you liked my post and I'm happy it helped you!! I hope you can post about your first purchase with buyee soon! ♥