Monday, September 21, 2015

Connichi 2015 ~ meeting Reika and not enough sleep

Hey everyone!
How are you? (^w^)/

Last weekend, I went to Connichi in Kassel. It's Germany's biggest anime convention and welcomed over 26.000 visitors from Germany and Europe this year!
I already ordered my ticket in January when the pre-sale started, because it's always sold out within two weeks or less. :D

I got Friday off from uni, so I could start my journey with my friends at 18th September in the morning. We started at 8:30 am and arrived at our apartment short after 12 am. The apartment was a huge disappointment for me. We shared a room together (we were four people) and had to share the bathroom with the other two rooms, where 5 other guys were staying for the con. More over we didn't have a kitchen. Only a microwave and a fridge. I brought some groceries with me, so I can cook in the evening, but I ended up not having a kitchen! Next year, I'll stay somewhere else. 

After getting dresses we went to the con, where I met a lot of friends.
The best thing was, when my friend who was working with the world-famous cosplayer Reika shot me a message, that he was at an upper floor with her, so I can come and see her. 
She was super nice and we took a photo together. Her English was pretty good, so I could talk to her without any problems. :D That was great, haha. 
I also bought a lot on Friday because the place wasn't that crowded. Especially at the Bring & Buy area I found some nice stuff for really cheap. 
I also met two great photographers who took some photos of me. I can't wait to receive them!

This was my Friday selfie. :D You can find it on Instagram as well. 

And here are my two photos with Reika. ♥ Unfortunately the quality of my selfies isn't the best. ;w;

On Saturday I mostly talked to friends because the place was to crowded. I also attended a Lolita meet-up. I don't have any photos yet. The actually organizer of the meet-up didn't show up, that was why a friend and I were looking for a place to take photos and ended up guiding the people there, haha. :D
Afterwards I attended a panel in English about "Cosplay across cultures". Three cosplayers from Germany, Finland and South Korea talked about their experiences in foreign countries and the audience could ask some questions. It was really informative for me. 
Reika had also a workshop about sewing a kimono, but it was around the same time as the panel. :( 

I was wearing my Day Dream Carnival JSK on Saturday with my new Axes Femme blouse. I felt like a princess. ;w; <3

Yes, I attended the autograph session of Reika again, so I took some photos again. She remembered me and was happy to see me! I also told her that I gave two of the postcards I bought on Friday to two friends, who couldn't get an autograph of her at Dokomi. She was happy to hear that my friends were super excited about the present, haha. :D

On Sunday we had to leave. Unfortunately weekends are always too short! I wanted to see the performances for WCS (World Cosplay Summit) at 10:30 am so I was in a hurry. But I arrived there on time and could watch some awesome performences. 
Afterwards I went through the sales area but I didn't find any bargain. So I ended up not buying anything anymore. Only food. They had some awesome matcha crepes! I could die for them, haha. No, just kidding. 
Just in case you're wondering... yes, I attended Reikas autograph session again. This time with the two friends I mentioned above. I told her that my two friends came with me and she was happy about that. And she already laughed after she saw me, haha. 

Can you see how tired I was on Sunday? The guys who we shared the apartment with came home late at night and were soooo super noisy that I woke up. Why can't they just talk with a low voice?!

And here are my last photos with Reika. :D I guess I'll miss her. She's so friendly and cute. She really cares for her friends, because she signed everything we gave her and took as many photos with us as we wanted to take. I hope she'll come back soon!  

Here is a photo of all the things I bought at Connichi. :D
The bag is from Bodyline and I got it for 5€ at the Bring & Buy area! *^*

I still have no idea where I'll put my posters at. ;w;

I arrived at home short after midnight. I tried to sleep in the car, because I had to get up at 5 am for uni... so in the end I had like 4 hours of sleep tonight. Thank god I could sleep in uni for half an hour in an empty room, haha. This was nice. xD 

I hope you liked the post and the photos! <3
Thanks for reading,

Kanon ♥

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