Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Basetao Review ~ My taobao agent!

Hello everyone!

Last month I decided to do my very first taobao order, because my friend Himezawa got a beautiful headdress with roses from taobao and I felt like it's the perfect headdress for my Powder Rose JSK. So I googled about different shopping services. Actually, I wanted to use Yoybuy first because it seemed quite easy. But then I saw that I could only pay with credit card. I had a credit card, so this wasn't a problem, but it's a prepaid one, so I had to recharge it before. When I was on their facebook page, I saw someone commenting that Basetao is more reliable, since the post was from a person who never got their package from Yoybuy. So I found Basetao and saw, that they accepted paypal as well. I couldn't find any review yet, that's why I thought I could give it a try. And paypal has a great customer service, so I thought it's worth it.

1. Charging your account

To charge your account, you select the amount of Dollars you want to charge your account, copy the shown link in your browser, and pay. Afterwards you transaction has a number, which you need. You choose the amount you payed again and then you copy the transaction number into the bottom line and voilá your account is recharged!
Actually I was stupid and thought they'd recharged my account after I payed because I didn't read well, haha. xD

2. Selecting things

You copy the links of the items you want to buy into the field of the website and everything shows up in your shopping card. It's very easy to use. You can also add notes to the single items.

3. Ordering

After you got everything you want, you can submit to order. The status of the items change once they arrive at basetao's warehouse. They also send you photos of the items, so you can look at them and add a note if something is wrong. 
I ordered my items at 20th August. It was the bell shaped petti from classical puppets and the floral headdress.

Petti can be found here (25,00 €)

headdress can be found here (7,00 €) 

Both items arrived at the warehouse around the 26th August. The headdress arrived earlier, because the petti wasn't in stock (but got restocked two days later xD)

4. Submitting to ship

I submitted to ship both items together the day after the petti arrived at the warehouse. I payed about 18€ of shipping costs, which was pretty cheap. I've chosen "China Post Small Air Mail". 
My package got shipped at 1st September and I also got a tracking number. Unfortunately it got rarely update, that's why my package arrived before the tracking even said that it's in Germany. :D
I got my package at 21st September and didn't have to pay and custom fees, which I was very happy about. :D 

5. The package and the items

This was the package I got:

The items were packed like this. Because the petti was so fluffy, they put the headdress into it, so it won't break.

The petti:

The headdress:

6. Quality

I know, my shopping service cannot change the quality of the items, but I still want to talk about it.
I was expecting the petti to be a bit poofier, because I heard a lot of people saying they were super awesome and stuff. It's bell shaped, yes, but it isn't a "OTT poof" but a regular poof. I haven't worn it outside with a dress yet, I just tried it on with a dress. Let's see how long the poof will stay when I'm at a meet-up.
The headdress has a great quality according to the price. Everything is well made, and I highly recommend this taobao shop for headdresses and headbows. I can't wait to wear it with my full coordinate!

7. Experience in general

They answered very fastly to my notes and also replied to my e-mails within two days. More over their English was great and since they have French and Dutch employees, one of them also spoke German. :D Great!        
Normal shipping rates, fast shipping
The items were safe in the package, and the customs declaration was correct 

Condition of the item:
Everything was as expected and nothing got damaged

Service Fee:
Only 5% (at least 5€) so it was fine!

Overall experience:
I would definitly shop with them again!

I will post photos wearing these items as soon as I can get a complete coord! So be patient!
Thanks for reading!
Do you guys have any prefered shopping service? Tell me in the comments!
If you order with Basetao too, let me know about your experience!

See you soon,

Kanon ♥


  1. I came across your review kinda by accident, when I was searching for an reliable Taobao agent to order an new tablet PC. At first I wanted to use Yoybuy, but Basetao seems to be a bit cheaper (although their used exchange rates are not really favourable).

    Although it required a lot of communication concerning the device everything went down smooth and without bigger delays. There were some troubles with the invoice, DHL did not use the one they submitted (the invoice came without the shipping fee on it), so the German custom presumed a much higher shipping fee than I in reality paid and took about 10 € more import tax than required. Fortunately, Basetao did refund me that amount onto my PayPal account in a matter of days.

    All in all I can confirm your positive review about Basetao. :D

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  2. Replies
    1. You can see what I've ordered so I guess it was of average weight? Like a bit more than 1 kg I think?