Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pretty Japan Review ~ Shoppingservice & Shop

Hey everyone!

Today I'd like to write a Review on Pretty Japan!
Here we go!

I messaged the owner at 24th of July, while I was on holidays, about the blouse from Axes Femme and asked her about the details. She answered them quickly and correctly, so I told her that I want to buy the blouse. She sent me an invoice and I told her, that it may take some time (about a day) until I can pay, because the wifi at my hotel was bad at times. She understood my problem, so I was able to pay at 25th. 

At the 27th she told me that she sent the package. I've chosen shipping without tracking number, because I didn't want to pay that much and I was pretty fine with waiting for my item.

I got the package at 24th August, so one month later, because it got stuck in customs. I already thought that would happen and when I looked at the envelop, I saw that she didn't wrote what's inside on the envelop. This was the only negative thing of the shipping. If she had written the content on the outside, when package would have been at my place earlier. But it's okay. :D

The blouse was packed in a plastic bag, which was very positive because I couldn't cut into the blouse while opening the package. :D 

She also sent me a small gift, which were these gummy candies with a cute Sailor Moon print, but unfortunately I don't eat them, since they contain gelatin and I'm vegetarian. :( I'll give them to my friends at the weekend. Or does anyone else want them? :D

The blouse was in a great condition, no flaws anywhere. But I still have to get it tailored because the sleeves are as large as my legs (almost)... blame my skinny body. :D And it definitly maches with my JSK! It's a dusty rose with an elegant touch. I was totally looking for a blouse like that.

Overall rate:

Communication:          ♥♥♥♥♥

Shipping:                     ♥♥♥♥
Packaging:                   ♥♥♥♥♥

Condition of the item: ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Overall experience:      ♥♥♥♥♥

I would definitely recommend buying from Pretty Japan! Go and check their facebook I liked in the first sentence! 

Hope you liked the review! See you soon!

Yours, Kanon

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Business trip to Fuerteventura 24th June - 29th June ♥


As some of you know, I'm a student for business and tourism and I'm working at a travel agency. Some travel operators offer certain business trips for people like me where we're visiting hotels in another country. So I had the chance to go to Fuerteventura for free!

My trip started at 24th June. I left work at 4pm to start my over night train ride to Düsseldorf airport. I could hardly sleep at the train, but I arrived at the airport at 6 am in the morning, so I've looked for a bench to continue sleeping for four hours.

The group was super nice, and we got along very well. This was awesome because I'm really afraid of strangers I have to stay with almost a week. Our guide was super friendly too, so I enjoyed being with them.

During the trip we were staying at two hotels, Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort in Playa Castillo and at SBH Taro Beach Resort in Costa Calma. I personally liked the first hotel better.
We were staying there on an all inclusive basis.
Our job was to visit other hotels, look at the rooms noting down information and testing the buffets, haha. The greatest part was eating at the different hotels. But I really liked to experience the culture of the people there. It was super interesting, especially for my job because how should I sell a hotel when I've never been there? That's why I want to go on such business trip again!

I'd like to show you some photos of the hotels and the places I've been. And if you're interested in going there, just contact me, haha. :D

The left two seats were mine on the over-night train ride from Dresden to Dortmund (I had to change in Dortmund)

This was the hotel we were staying at:

 The beach from Playa Castillo/Caleta de Fuste:

Here's en example for a buffet. The hotel was Barcelo Thalasso Spa. My favorite buffet ever! *o*

... and this wasn't even everything, haha. :D

The famous dunes of Corralejo

Some hotels:

Awesome view from the bus when we were going to our second hotel in the south of Fuerteventura:

 The beach at our second hotel:

We also visited a zoo, called Oasis Park!

And this is the most beautiful beach at the whole island! Jandía Playa! 

The last hotel we visited had a small lagoon! So nice!

I hope you liked the photos. It's difficult to decide which photos I should post. >< And in the end I feel like not taking enough photos, haha. :D 

See you soon, 
Kanon ♥

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Grand Lolita Tea Party in Hamburg - 20th June

Hey everyone,

it has been a long time since my last post and I'm sooo sorry, but finally I found some time to write a post about the Tea Party in Hamburg.

When I first heard about it, I was super excited because there has never been any lolita event which was hosted by a foreign organisation, so I just had to go! Thank god, I had a friend in Hamburg, so I didn't need a hotel. I bought a standard ticket and honestly, I was so happy that I did not spend a ridiculous amount of money on a VIP ticket. It wasn't really worth it.

I also applied for the fashion show but I didn't got accepted - at first.

A few days before the tea party, my friend Mimi messaged me about my height and my body measurements, because they were still looking for models and she thought about me since they needed a S-size model. So in the end, I could take part in the fashion show. I wore a super awesome gothic coord by Krad Lanrete which you'll see later on.

I got Friday off from work, and started my loong journey (I guess I was sitting in the bus for 7,5 hs?!) to Hamburg. I've been there before in like 2008.
In the evening, my friend Miriam and I went though Hamburg. She showed me some places and we also took some cute purikura! I love them!

This was the building where the tea party took place!

We also had some vegan Asian food at Loving Hut. It was so tasty and I wished there were more restaurants like this. I only payed 10,50€ for the meal. 

So on Saturday morning I traveled to the city center. The models were told to come at 9 am, so I was there on time... like the other ones, and the organizer, John wasn't there. He cam later, so I had no idea what to do. I got my dress later on and it still wasn't clear if we have to change or not. After sitting around and writing postcards to my family and my boyfriend, we had to put on the outfits for the fashion show. We should rehearse the walk, but... it wasn't decided how we should pose yet. So they started discussing for a long time, how we should work, where we should pose and so on. I was super annoyed, because this could have been planned before. But well. 
The good thing about being a model was, that we were already inside and could take a look at the dealers items. I thought about getting a pink parasol by metamorphose, but I had to find out that they only had one in each color, so the one I wanted was sold out after I decided to buy later. 
Actually, I couldn't really find anything I needed to buy. There were a lot of things like dresses, blouses and jewelry but none of it was like "BUY ME!" except for some dress, but I just had no 300€ with me that day so I couldn't buy it. In the end I bought some cute meta socks and a poster of Misako Aoki which she signed for me. 

Here are the photos of the "shopping area". xD

And here you can see the room. In the middle, there were the seats and the catwalk and on the right and left you could find the different brands.

When it comes to the location, I don't think it was suitable. It was okay for a fashion show, but not for the rest. The light was too dark and the chairs for the non-VIP visitors were too close to each other so it was difficult to get back to your seat with a huge petti. In the picture you only see the chairs for the people with VIP tickets. The normal guests had to sit in three chair-rows. 

It was Misakos birthday a few days ago so they gave her a huge cake. We could eat a piece of it too and it was very delicious. And necessary when you see the actual food we got offered. 

Sorry for the bad lightning but this was the food we got offered. You can see that there's almost nothing left, which means, many lolitas didn't got any! Some of the food was vegetarian, which is a pro, but actually it wasn't enough. We didn't have and tables or chairs to eat at either. We were walking along this table, taking some food, eating it, taking the next small plate and so on. I didn't like it at all. Horrible! I want to enjoy my food, even if it's just small pieces. When it comes to drinks, they didn't offer any tea! AT A TEA PARTY! I was disappointed. Everyone got two vouchers for drinks and afterwards, we had to pay. This was unacceptable as well. But okay... I took along my own bottle of water.

I didn't talk about the event itself. In my opinion it was quite boring. The fashion show was the most interesting thing actually, not only because I took part in it.
There was no brochure about the program or the timing so we didn't know if we could go outside to take photos or if we'd miss something important. The raffle took very long and at first they forgot to put the raffle tickets into the goodie bags! So they had to give everyone a ticket before they could start.
There was also a Q&A panel, but I could hardly understand anything while sitting at my seat, because the room was long...
More over they didn't have a German translator. I'm pretty fluent in English but this might have been a problem for other ones who didn't understand English that well. So it was difficult for some people to notice what was happening next.
All in all, it was pretty unorganized, and not very professional. The food wasn't enough, I missed my tea and there should have been a brochure about the program. I've also missed the autograph session which was announced (I just asked Misako by myself if she'd like to sign my poster).

But still, I had a lot of fun with my friends and it was great seeing them again.
The best part about it all was after the event. A friend and I went to a restaurant called Alex, where we met a lot of other lolitas who went there a short time earlier than us. We were sitting at a long table, talking eating and drinking. Seriously I spend more money on food in Hamburg than on lolita stuff at the event. xD

Here's my alcohol free cocktail, haha. :D

And here are some photos which were taken at the fashion show and afterwards by some awesome photographers. Please visit their facebook which is linked below the photo! ♥

Here's another photo of my coord for the fashion show:

And here are the items I bought... the poster and the meta socks. :D

 And here's the best photo I got. I got a selfie with Misako Aoki! She's so pretty! ♥

I really hope you liked that post! Please keep supporting me! ♥

See you soon, yours,
Kanon ♥