Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Comments I get a lot (lolita, vegetarianism, body)

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about questions or comments I get a lot. I'm really sick of hearing them online as well as offline, so I just want to make some things clear and state my opinion towards these things!

1. But only children wear pink, unicorns and frilly things!

Who said that? And why do people even say that some things aren't accurate for a certain age? You're saying that my style is childish and that I shouldn't wear that, while local stores sell heels shoes for 5-year-old children or T-Shirts with the print "Boys are toys" for 9-year-old! In my opinion it's way worse for children to wear stuff like this, than my fashion style. Why I think it's worse? Kids on high heels look ridiculous and the ones who wear such shirts don't even understand what's written on them. Of course, everyone can wear what they want, just as much as I want to wear my frilly dresses, but some people have to think about what they're actually saying. 

2. Why do you pay 300€ for a dress?

Because I like it? I think it's worth the money. I save for months until I can finally purchase such a dress, which makes it to something special. When it arrives, I'm happy, I put it on, I create a coord, I don't want to put it simply into my closet. Other people spend their money on alcohol, expensive adidas or nike shoes, Luis Vuitton handbags... so why shouldn't I spend mine on dresses? 

3. Why do you travel so much just for a concert/convention?

This question was asked by a former classmate some years ago when I was still at school. I traveled 4 hours by car to see one of my favorite bands. I do it, because I want to see them live. I love concerts, I love music, and I love meeting people who like the same music as I do. So I spend the money on the journey. She was like "Why don't you go to a concert near your hometown?" Well, because my bands don't play in small towns, only in bigger cities. That's why. She even asked me to like another band who actually plays in smaller towns in my area. That's ridiculous. 

4. But meat tastes good!

Yes, it does. Of course. I liked meat a lot. But I don't eat it anymore despite I liked the taste. Why? Because I don't want to eat anything where an animal had to be killed for. You can ask other vegetarians and they will say the same: It's not that I dislike the taste, I dislike the killing-animals fact. 

5. Why do you eat tofu in the shape of meat which also tastes like meat when you don't want to eat meat?

For the same reason as stated above. I like the taste. Some tofu stuff tastes like usual meat but no animal was killed for producing it. That's great isn't it? 

6. Meat is healthy, being vegetarian is unhealthy!

Dead wrong. Please don't say things like that when you never informed yourself about vegetarian food. What's important about meat are the nutrients inside, not the meat itself, and they can be found in other plants as well! Such as soy, beans, peas, lentils... There's a variety of meals you can cook without meat. And more over, you can eat unhealthy as a meat eater as well as a vegetarian!

7. Vegetarians are always so annoying and want to make us meat-eaters look like criminals!

Just because some narrow-minded people are stupid enough to want to persuade you to became vegetarian too, doesn't mean everyone is like that. People like them get more attention than people who don't talk about it. You can eat what you want, I don't care, but once you tell me stupid things like the ones above, I have to tell you my opinion about that. But still I don't want to persuade anyone, I just want to say the facts. So, no vegetarian jokes please. ;)

8. You're so skinny, you're looking anorexic!

Please. Stop. This. 
Anorexia is an illness, not a look! Or are you telling a bald man, he looks "canceric"? No? Okay, so then, don't tell someone he looks anorexic just because they're skinny. You don't know their story, you don't know why their body is like that. Not everyone who's skinny, had a diet or an eating disorder. There are people who are naturally thin, believe me or not! 
To me it's a huge insult, because you're trying to know myself better than I do know myself.

9. You're skinny, you should eat more!

Just as I stated above, you don't know why I'm skinny. And I fucking know that I'm skinny! You have no idea how I eat, what I eat and why I am like that. 
Just as an explication. There's something called metabolism and heritage. My metabolism is fast though I don't do a lot of sports (I'm lazy ass xD), which means I can eat as much as I want without putting on weight. And no, that's not always a good thing! More over due heritage, I don't gain weight easily as well. My parents were like that in their past too. 
I'm already eating a lot, but I just don't put on weight. Live with that.
And stop stupid jokes and comments about that. Thanks.

This was basically everything which came to my mind.
Maybe I'll do a "stereotypes about lolitas" or something similar somewhen in the future. :D

Yours, Kanon

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