Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My first Dokomi! ♥

Hi everyone!

Finally I had the chance to attend Dokomi in Düsseldorf at 23rd May! Düsseldorf is right at the other side of Germany, so my journey started in the evening of Friday in Leipzig. We (my boyfriend traveled with me) took the coach to Düsseldorf over night, which meant, we arrived in Düsseldorf at 7am on Saturday. This was super exhausting because I can hardly sleep in a bus (or car or plane or any moving transport, haha xD), so I slept only about two hours.
At the train station of Düsseldorf I changed my cloths and headed over to the convention venue. 
In the morning we rehearsed for the Japanese fashion show in the afternoon. Some people I knew took part in it too, but I was too stupid to notice that, haha. I just cannot remember faces. xD 

The con itself was great! The area was huge, so it wasn't crowded at all and we could easily pass the others and walk though the rooms. The dealer's area was vast and I could hardly decide where to go to first. 
But what I liked the most was that Dokomi also had a separate fashion area, where only jewelry and clothing was sold. This was where I met Pastelbat and SuperLoversRock. Two of my biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion! Both were super nice and friendly and sooo cute! ♥ I'm the happiest girl in the world now, haha. 

I bought three bracelets and a ring from Eyecandy and I'll do a review on the items later! 

I also met a lot of friends there and I was really happy about that because I usually never come to the west of Germany aka the area of Düsseldorf. Finally, I was able to meet Aiji-Yasha Hime! She's so pretty and cute omg. ;w; 

(my hand looks so huge omg xD)

I also took a photo with Sui Princess who is a huge inspiration in Gyaru and Hima fashion to me! She's so pretty!

My friend Kohaku Sato took some great photos in the garden outside of the convention venue. Visit her DeviantArt please! :D

 At the end of the day, there was the concert of Machigerita. I really love his voice and at the autograph session I told him that his voice reminds me of Gackt and he was quite happy about that since he's a huge fan of him too. :D I could also take a photo with him! 

And here's a photo of my haul. :D

The signed CD of Machigerita, three bracelets from Eyecandy, a unicorn ring from Eyecandy, a tiny Arpacasso, a small Arpacasso, a small Nemuneko (which was actually bought by my boyfriend) and deco tape! 
I always wanted Deco Tape btw. xD

In the late evening we went back to Leipzig by bus again (another over night trip) and we could sleep soo much better! Because we were super exhausted. I just woke up in the middle of the night because my boyfriend was suddenly lying on my lap with his head, haha. In Leipzig we had breakfast and went back to my place afterwards. I fell asleep on the train and when he woke me up I was so confused and was like "Why are we in Chemnitz? What are we doing here?" Haha... we had to change trains. xD As soon as we reached my flat, we went back to sleep, haha. 

But it was totally worth it! I really loved it at Dokomi and I hope I can come back next year!

So, that's everything for now. I guess that was my longest blogpost, haha. 
Did anyone of you went to Dokomi? :3

Yours, Kanon ♥

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  1. Dokomi looks really fun, I wish I could go some day ;A;