Sunday, May 3, 2015

How I got into Lolita fashion!

Hello everyone!

Today I'd like to talk about on how I got into Lolita fashion. ♥

I got to know the fashion long before I started wearing it. It was in Primary School when I started being interested in Japanese culture and anime, because I watched Sailor Moon daily on TV. But I wasn't that kinda child who watched anime all day long, I only watched Sailor Moon, just saying. That's why I have no real clue about Dragonball, Inu Yasha and Naruto. :'D I also started learning Japanese by myself around that time.

In 2009 (I was in grade 9 back then), I went to a city festival of my town where Cinema Bizarre, a German Visual Kei band, performed. On that day I realized that they weren't as bad as I thought and remembered one of my former penpals who once told me about An Cafe. So the next day I spent on YouTube, searching for Japanese music and came across An Cafe, LM.C, Miyavi and the GazettE as well as many other groups. This was when I started wearing Visual Kei, Decora and Oshare Kei. I also discovered Lolita fashion but I never thought about buying dresses because I just couldn't effort it. J-Rock was my life and I got to know awesome people because of it. I also started reading Manga.
Here's a photo of my Oshare-Decora-Kei-Whatever Mix outfit. :D

Photo taken in June 2012

In 2011 I went to the Book Fair in Leipzig for the first time with my friends. I was wearing an Oshare Kei Misa Misa outfit and saw so many beautiful Lolitas. But still I had no chance to buy an outfit.

Sorry for the bad quality, but this was my first outfit for the Book Fair in Leipzig 2011. :D

The same year, in October I went to the USA with my family. We visited New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In San Francisco I visited the Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars shine bright shop. When I entered the Btssb shop, I was super amazed by their dresses and the outfits the shop assistants were wearing. At that very moment I knew, my final prom dress has to be a Lolita dress! I wanted to wear one of these beautiful coords at my final prom!

The next year, in 2012 we went to San Francisco again, and I could chose my final prom dress. I decided for the Sweet Jewelry Princess JSK in black and a matching blouse in pink. And I already knew that this wasn't my last dress. I loved how I looked in the dress, and it just felt "right". Do you know this when you're in the changing room, trying on a piece of clothing and you think "Yes, this is it!"? That was how I felt and still feel when I'm dressing up. I wanted to wear pastels, frilly dresses and petticoats. When I looked into my mirror, I saw myself and not just a person who dressed up in Lolita.
A few months later, I ordered from Bodyline with a friend, so I got my shoes, bag and socks from there and my first coord was ready to be shown at the prom in summer. I got my wig from eBay but I didn't wear it at the prom because it was "too much".

Here's a photo from the final prom in 2013:

Somehow I hate the lightning in photos because it always eats my make up. >-<

My classmates already knew that I wouldn't wear a normal prom dress, haha. Since I was wearing Decora or Oshare Kei everyday for school, no one really wondered. Of course they were looking at my because I was wearing "such" an outfit, but I was fine with that. I also remember the words of my history teacher who came to me and said, that she really loved my dress. She was so happy that I wasn't wearing a normal prom dress and that I was continuing to wear my own style even at my final prom. Actually I don't have to say that she was my favorite teacher all the time. :D

Basically this was how I got into Lolita fashion and my very first coord. You can see that it has only been 3 years since I got my first dress. 
Here's my first coord with the wig I ordered: 

I took it in London, summer 2013.

I hope you liked my post~ ♥ The next post is gonna be a kinda Lolita outfit timeline, where I'm posting all my outfits until now! I don't have a lot but I think it's still worth sharing.



  1. The wig in the last picture totally looks like your real hair *_* I wish mine could be this long. I got into the fashion in 2005 through an art site, someone drew a picture of it and I followed the link to livejournal. Lolita timeline posts are always interesting, gonna follow you, looking forward to seeing it!

    { }

  2. So lucky to have visited the Angelic Pretty and Baby shops in San Francisco, I can see why it would inspire anyone to wear lolita :D I wish I knew what it was for my prom but I got into the fashion after school, you looked fabulous and anyone saying bad things were clearly jealous! Also like seeing lolita timelines looking forward to it, followed~

  3. I would have loved to go to prom in Lolita ;A;
    you look so pretty