Monday, April 20, 2015

Cute coord idea by Syndrome Store

Hello everyone!

Sorry for my long absence, but I was busy because of three weeks of exams at university. Actually I'm awaiting photos from a shoot at DeDeCo in February but I still didn't get any of them! So I'll post a super cute coord idea from cloths you can find at Syndrome Store

Use my promotion code "kanoncupcake" to get a discount! If you buy something and use my code, don't forget to send me a message and I'll prepare something for you! ♥

Perfect for spring, this chiffon dress matches any himekaji or everyday coord <3

These sandals look super comfortable and are perfect for longer walks. 

if you don't like sandals that much:

These shoes have higher heels and are looking more elegant than the other ones. Perfect for a date, hehe. 

3. Cute headbow ♥
Makes the whole outfit cute. <3

Very useful to carry your make up, purse and phone. And it's so cute. (*o*)

I hope you like the items I found for you. <3
And don't forget to use the code "kanoncupcake" at the checkout!! 

Yours, Kanon ♥

P.S: I'll be at Dokomi in Düsseldorf in May! Hopefully my friend will take a lot of photos there. I'll do a post about my trip before Dokomi, so don't worry, haha. :D
I also would like to do some outfit posts but the most stuff is offbrand, so I dunno if it's interesting. ;A;