Monday, March 9, 2015

Kawaii finds ~ 2015/03/02

Hello again,

sorry for another delay of my kawaii finds post. ;A;
But here are some cute things I found at storenvy!

I don't know about the quality of this dress, but it looks perfect for old school gothic lolita (the black one, haha)

Price: $50,90

Yes, I'm a lot into floral dresses and this has also strawberries on it! *o* 

Price: $48,99

Note: I didn't order any of these products. If I did, I'll post my own photos as a prove, I wished I could order every single piece I present here, but unfortunately I can't at the moment. But as soon as I ordered one of the cloths, I'll write a review!

I hope you liked the items! ♥


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