Sunday, March 22, 2015

Report: Book fair in Leipzig ~ 13th March till 15th March ♥

Hello everyone,

finally I can make a post about my weekend at the book fair in Leipzig. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of my coords except the ones I'm gonna show you here. I just didn't find any time. ;A;
By the way tomorrow I'll get some pictures a friend took at DeDeCo of me. In these photos I'm wearing my seifuku. I'm so excited to see them!

Okay, so on Friday was my first day at the book fair. It was a calm day, because most visitors come on Saturday. I spent the day with my boyfriend and another friend. We walked through the hall and looked at all those cute things. Sometimes I ask myself why I'm not collecting figures because there were so many nice Vocaloid figures... or Sonico. But then I remembered that this is a very expensive hobby and I already spend a lot of money on lolita, so I just cannot start such a hobby as well. ;A; I was looking for small Aikatsu figures but couldn't find any. Instead I bought the current issue of the Gothic & Lolita Bible. I even got two posters for free with it! I also showed Ramune to my friends. I'm collecting these bottles and now I think I own every bottle which is sold at the conventions. :D Oh and now that I'm talking about Japanese food... I could seriously spend all my money on cute packages of Japanese candy. Why isn't German candy that pretty too? ;__; It's sad. xD
I bought two small cube-shaped alpacassos... one in pink for me and one in blue for my boyfriend. But when I wanted to give him the blue one, I noticed I lost it.... and it was the last blue one. My life was ruined, haha. xD
I also met a lot of nice people... and I really should start taking photos with everyone.
I only have this photo. I knew her from Twitter, because she's a lolita too but on Friday she didn't wear lolita.

Her boyfriend was kinda tall so this photo looks kinda strange, haha. Or I'm just too small. :D
On Saturday, it was super crowded... so many people and you could hardly pass through the crowed. We spent most of the time near the main stage and watched the shows because it was too exhausting to walk along. I met a lot of friends anyway and it's always cool when you find someone you know though there are thousands of people. I didn't buy anything but food that day. 
But here's a selfie from my coord. Symphonia of Birds by Angelic Pretty. ^w^ I still need a black blouse, because pink just doesn't really fit. That's why I wore a pink cardigan. :D

I also got the autographs of Mayu Sakai and Takeshi Obata! I'm so happy about that! In the morning you had to queue to get a card, so you can take part in the autograph session. I was waiting almost an hour and got a card for Mayu Sakai only. Another girl who wanted Obata's card, gave me hers, so I had to Mayu Sakai cards. I gave one to a friend who was a huge fan. One of my friends had a friend from university with him, who wasn't into manga yet, but she got a card for Obata. So she gave me hers! I'm so lucky sometimes, haha. :D

In the evening I suddenly felt dizzy and I was shaking... I couldn't eat anything and during the night I had a horrible headache... When I woke up I could hardly move. I had high fever... But it was Sunday... no doctor and I didn't want to go to a hospital. So I slowly put on normal cloths and it even got a little better. I made my way to the exhibition center with my sister and with my boyfriend I was looking for someone who had pain killers. After meeting someone who gave me one I felt a little better and after eating even more. We went through the dealers hall and spent the rest of the day at the stage, because I felt weak and dizzy. 
In the evening I went back home and my boyfriend even stayed with me because he said he couldn't leave me alone in that condition, haha. :D He's so nice. He stayed till Wednesday and accompanied my to the doctor, cooked for me and cleaned the dishes. But thank god he didn't get ill either. I'm very thankful that he stayed with me, haha. Because I felt so weak that I could hardly move and when I did I felt dizzy. 
Right now I'm healthy again and yeah... uni starts tomorrow, so I have to be healthy. :D 
I finished my shitty essay and now I can focus on my three exams every upcoming Friday, yay. 

Thanks for reading! 
Kanon. ♥


  1. Woaaah wie früh bist du da gewesen für die Autogrammkarten? ;A;
    Die Coord ist übrigens super süß! Schade, dass wir uns nicht gesehen haben > <

    1. Ich war kurz nach 9 an dem Eingang wo alle gewartet haben. :D Aber am Freitag. *o*
      Ja. >< Ist großer Zufall wenn man sich mal trifft. xD