Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kawaii finds ♥ 2015/08/02

Hey everyone!
I decided to do a "kawaii finds" post every Sunday evening. The things I'll show will be budget lolita, fairy kei, gyaru or other cute things I found on ebay, storenvy or somewhere else, where everyone can order from. How many items I'll present will depend on the amout of things I found during the last days. I currently have a list of eBay items I could show you. 
Most of the items on eBay are censored, which means, you cannot find the items in the seller's shop or by searching for it. You'll only be able to see them when you click the link. I don't know if this only happens to German people, but for me it is like this. If anyone of you has any ideas how to uncensore these shops, please tell me. :D

Sooo~ here are the first two items! <3

If you've ever looked for a cute baret for your coord, here is one for a good price! 
Price: $14,99

They're original sold by Yumetenbou/DreamV and are really cute for himekaji and other pastel coords!
Price: $54

I hope you liked the two items. 
Please look forward to my next kawaii finds post! <3

Kanon. ♥

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