Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DeDeCo 2015

Hello everyone!

Maybe some of you already know it, but I had three performances (more or less xD) at DeDeCo in Dresden last weekend. It's a small anime con but I really like it because I can meet all my friends from my area there.
On Saturday I held a panel about lolita fashion. I talked about the history of the fashion, mentioned different styles and explained what is necessary for a good lolita coord. I had about 20 watchers and I was very happy about that! Some of them also took photos of me. So I'll post some photos later! Be patient please!
In the evening I had a performance with my showgroup Hakuchou. We were presenting our current stage play "Alice in Wonderland". I played the role of Alice, who wakes up in Wonderland to find her dead twin-sister. But before she can save her, she meets different enemies who she has to fight against. The photos of our performance will be posted later as well.
On Sunday I had a small dancing performance on the small stage. I performed Pon Pon Pon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, My Copycat by Orange Caramel and One Two Three by Morning Musume. Because of the last dance I'm really into Morning Musume lately, haha. And I'll record the dances soon enough too, to start a YouTube channel! :D

As I already said, I'll do a post with some photos later. I don't have any photos yet, so please wait for them!

Thanks for reading! ♥

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