Monday, December 8, 2014

Lockshop Wigs - Cascade Faerie Wig review ♥

Hello everyone,
here is my first review. Enjoy!

At 26th November I placed my order at and ordered the Cascade Faerie Wig for myself and the Soft Curls Pink wig for a friend.

I couldn't pay with my debit card on paypal, so I had to use my credit card. I don't know if this is because lockshop doesn't accept debit cards, or if this was caused by Paypal. The same thing happened to a friend with another foreign shop. Paypal only accepted credit cards. But when I ordered from a German shop, everything was find. It's kinda strange so I informed myself a bit and someone told me that paypal will stop allowing debit cards and only credit cards. I don't know if this is true, but if so, a lot of people are screwed. :D

I also messaged them that I needed my wig before the 6th December and prayed that they'll read it.

The order's status changed at 2nd December into "Proceeding order". I was already worrying, because it took so long for them to finally proceed my order. During the next days, the order's status didn't change and I lost faith that my wig will arrive on time.

But during the noon of the 5th December, the postman came and brought me my wigs! I was so unbelieveable happy that the woman must have thought I'm crazy. xD

Soft Curls Pink - I won't do a review on that one since it's for my friend. :3

Cascade Faerie

The wig's quality is really great. It's super soft and easy to comb dispite the wavy look, Its color is just like in the stock photo. On top it's a bit darker blonde which slowly fades into a very light blonde. The thinkness is okay, but I somehow wished for "more hair" for the fringe because without hairspray it can be difficult to cover the wig cap. In general, it's useful to buy a white or "skin-colored" wig cap for such a light blonde because a black one can shine through and would ruin the look. :3 It fit's perfectly and is comfortable to wear. 

They also sent some free gifts - three black wig caps, a comb, hairpins (which I really needed because they ALWAYS dissapear into nirvana after using them xD) and scrunchies.

Here are some worn pics of the wig. Unfortunately I don't have any better photos at the moment, so please excuse my toilet-selfies. :'D I purchased it especially for my Day Dream Carnival JSK by Angelic Pretty because I thought a light blonde wig would match best with the lavender color. And I really liked how it looked. ^___^ 

I hope you enjoyed my review. :)
I will definitly order there again, because I still need so many wigs. The next one I will propably buy, is the Mermaid Vanilla wig. Or any other light brown Mermaid wig, hehe.

See you~ <3

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