Thursday, December 25, 2014

Eastern Elegance Christmas Tea Party in Weimar

Hello everyone~ ♥

At 6th December the first Christmas Tea Party of my comm Eastern Elegence took place in Weimar. The location was in a small suborb of Weimar with only a few houses. The Tea Party was held in a beautiful estate, which was a perfect scenery for photos, especially for Classic and Gothic Lolita. The dark wooden walls were a contrast to my pastel colored Angelic Pretty dress. I went there by car with two friends.

 We were about 24 lolitas (I think three of them took their husband with them) at sat at three different tables. Everyone got a small bag with goods, like jewelry from sponsors and self-made cookies. The food was so delicious. There were different kinds of christmas cookies and sandwiches. Too bad that I couldn't eat as much as I wanted to. :D

After eating all this pretty prepared food, we started distributing the secret santa gifts. I got black selfmade wristcuffs, a necklace with roses and a matching bracelet. A lot of people forgot to write the names on the presents, so many of us got to know their secret santa. Mine was sitting right next to me. :D

There was also a raffle where I got a notebook, hairclips and shoeclips if I remember correctly.
 I talked to a lot of them and they were all super nice. Many of the girls were from other comms so I met some girls from the Berlin comm for example.
It was pretty interesting to talk to lolitas I didn't know yet. :)

group photo of everyone

group photo of my comm Eastern Elegance

This was my coord that day:

JSK & Headbow: Angelic Pretty - Day Dream Carnival
Blouse: Baby the Stars shine bright
Shoes & OTKs: Bodyline
Wig: Lockshop Cascade Faerie

Actually I wanted to have golden shoes for this coord  but I haven't got any till the day of the Tea Party. But I will definitly have some when I wear this coord the next time. More over I wanted to buy the matching tights off facebook but the seller read my message but never replied. That's always upsetting me. :(

My next post will be about the Christmas party of my Anime Club in my hometown, but I didn't get the photos yet.


Kanon ♥

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