Sunday, November 16, 2014

Connichi 2014

Hey everyone <3

Long time no post... ugh~ I really want to post more often. Sorry. ;;
Now, I finally want to write a short post about Connichi 2014 in Kassel. It's the biggest Anime and Manga Convention in Germany and I guess it was my fourth time there. Before the Convention I stayed two days at a friend's house and it was pretty nice. I also met up with my friend Nana who's living in Kassel too. I drank the most delicious White Chocolate with soy milk at a café there! ;o;

On Friday I cosplayed Armin Arlert from Shingeki no Kyojin. I really like this costume but it's so uncomfortable... because of the straps. I'm too small and too skinny for them, so I always have to pull them up. >< I also met Anshie that day. She's quite famous for her Eren Jäger cosplay and a very nice girl... and also almost as short as me, haha. :D

(Photo by Katsuya Cosplay)

 On Saturday I wore my Baby, the Stars shine bright dress again. It was "Sweet Jewelry Princess". Though it was my first brand dress, it's also one of my favorite dresses. I found out that lolita is way more comfortable than cosplay, haha. It was pretty cool to meet all my friends from all over Germany again.

(Photos by my friend Ryou)

On Sunday I wore my Hime Lolita coord. My friends Chibi and Sanny went to the concert of Nagareda Project and we were standing in the first row. ^o^ It was amazing, especially when they started with the two Shingeki no Kyojin openings! Next to us were some Japanese girls who traveled to Kassel just to see Nagareda Project. At least I think so haha, because they owned a lot of merchendise and didn't speak any German.

(Photo by VH-Visions)

All I bought at the convention were two Rillakkuma pencils and three magazines... I haven't bought any manga for ages, haha. :D

Thanks for reading. <3