Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random joy ~ Kanon is happy

Heyah everyone~

Yesterday I found a post on the EGL Sales which was just posted so I was quick enough to get one dress! A girl was selling the rest of her lolita wardrobe and sold all the pieces for very cheap prices. So tomorrow I will pay the dress and I'm just super happy becaaaaause: It's the Merry Sweet Castle JSK in prink from Baby the Stars shine bright. *___* I found out that there's also a replica of that dress but I'll have the authentic one. For 70€! Normal people would say "WTF you think that's cheap? It's just a dress!" But hell yeah, it is cheap! The original price was something about 250€ and even if I saw it Second Hand somewhere it was always something about 150€ to 190€, so yes it's cheap! :D
I really hope it's arrive fast so I can have it in my hands as soon as possible. It'll be my second brand dress and I'm happy about that! ^o^
I'm not a brandwhore (bc I don't have so much brand xD), but I actually like brand more than offbrand or bodyline. Bodyline is great for shoes and basics, but like 85% of the prints suck in my opinion. I also own two bodyline dresses and the ice cream skirt (which I think I'll sell soon since I don't like it anymore) and I guess I will order some dresses/skirts without print from bodyline. And a coat. But therefore I'll need some more money, haha.
Btw on Sunday I'll officially move out! Yay. My room is occupied with boxes and bags and it's annoying me so much. I can't wait to decorate my flat! ;u; It should be lolita inspired although I couldn't efford those awesome lolitaish furniture! But I'll try. ;___;

Thanks for reading!!
//Kanon. ♥

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