Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ongaku Matsuri & BTS Showcase in Berlin (July)

Hello again! ^___^

At 25th July I went to Berlin (by carpooling since it's less pricy then the train) to visit Ongaku Matsuri and the Showcase of BTS. I was really excited, not only because of those two events but also because I will meet a lot of new people and friends!

On Saturday I dressed up in Lolita. I stayed at my friend Misa's place and we walked through Berlin together. At Alexanderplatz we met some of my friends I met on Facebook, because they were also in Berlin for the showcase. After a starbuck's drink we went to J*Store Berlin to take Purikura! Not all of my friends joined us, so Misa and I ended up going there with a friend from Kassel and two friends from England. Yes, they came to Germany just for BTS! We got along very well and right now I already miss them omg. ;o;
Here is a photo of one of our purikuras (I'm on the left side, haha. :D):

Afterwards we went to the venue of Ongaku Matsuri, which is like a j-rock/k-pop/anime party. There I met some other lolitas and cosplayers and at 8 pm the music started so we could dance. The bad thing was, that it has been very hot in the room so I had to go outside and couldn't dance a lot. My two friends from England had the same problem. :( But the next Ongaku Matsuri will be in January which means, there's not so much heath!! Hehe~ I will be there again, I'm sure. :D

On Sunday there was the Showcase of BTS. I only got like 4 hours of sleep because I got up at 4 am just to be at the venue at 7 am. I had to go 1,5 hs by public transport from Potsdam to Berlin. And why I wanted to be there that early? Well, I'm short and when I'm in a back row, I don't see anything... And there were 200 people with VIP tickets, which meant I have to be one of there first people with a regular ticket. In the end I was number 63 or something. Of the regular tickets. Most people went there earlier than me or even slept there, although it was dangerous as fuck. Next to the concert venue is a park which is famous for its high amount of aggressiv drug dealers and crime. Thank god nothing happened to the people who slep in front of the venue. 
So, I waited exactly twelve hours in front of the venue. But it wasn't that bad. I talked to the people there, went to McDonalds or had some ice cream with my British friends. :D I also met two girls from Serbia who traveled 24 hours to get to Berlin! That's so amazing omg. *-*
The showcase itself was very funny and I was so happy that my bias Namjoon talked so much! He was the only one who spoke English fluently (it's said that he taught it himself!!), so he translated everything for the other members. There was also the possibility for fans to get on stage and recieve gifts from BTS but unfortunately I wasn't chosen, haha. They also played a Germany-quiz-game and had to answer some questions of the fans. Before the concert we could write our questions on a board. The only question I remember was "Why are you so handsome? What do you eat?" xDD
The showcase was over after a bit more than an hour and it was so short! I wished they had played more songs but well... it was a showcase, not a concert. Afterwards there was the High5 Event but since I'm poor as fuck, I couldn't efford the ticket. But most of my friends could and they were so happy afterwards!! I'm happy for them. ;o;

On Monday I had a day off from work, so I went back home on Monday. But before I met up with Misa and my British friends again in Berlin, so we went to NeoTokyo. I wanted to buy a magazine but their credid card reader was broken, so I couldn't pay. ;___; Sad life. *sobs* xD

Well, I really enjoyed this weekend, although I only got few sleep, but it was definitly worth it!! I can't wait to go to Berlin again and to meet my friends. :D
Actually, one week later I went to Berlin with my family again, haha. But it wasn't that interesting, so I won't write a blogpost about it. Or rather it's nothing I want to share with the public. :D All I can say is, that I met a great guy there (I already knew him and we met uo again) and I've slightly fallen for him. But no, we're not a couple yet. ;___; Haha. :D

Hugs and kisses <3

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