Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First meet-up with my local Comm → Eastern Elegance

At 24th August I finally had the change to meet my local comm for the first time. I'm into lolita since 2012 but I never had the change to visit a meet up. I actually planned to attend a meet in 2013 but I didn't have the money nor the time. It was really upsetting, but finally I had the money AND the time, so I went to Rudolstadt in Thuringia by train (almost three hours journey, but this was fine by me). Actually I live in Saxony, but since the price for the train tickets would be the same, I went to the meet-up in Thuringia. I've never been to this city before, but I didn't get lost. It was a nice small city and the castle we visited was nice too! I wished I had the time to visit the museum inside the castle as well. Only bad thing was, that it was on a hill and the stairs were damn annoying, haha.
I was kinda nervous, because I didn't know anyone of the girls but everyone turned out to be very nice and friendly. One thing that was estonishing was, that only three or four (including me) girls out of about 13 were wearing brand. I expacted that almost everyone was wearing brand, haha. The other dresses were offbrand or handmade (or I didn't realize that it was actually brand, haha). And there was no "ita", haha. All the coords were nice and beautiful. ^w^
We took some photos outside and then went to a workshop about folding napkins. It was interesting but after two hours very tiring. And I was so damn hungry, haha.
After the workshop we had a picknick, but not only we liked the food but also a lot of wasps wanted to join us, haha. But hey, it's summer, what else do you expact? :D
In December there will be a Christmas teaparty and I will definily go there too!

Hugs and kisses,
Kanon <3

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