Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday Teaparty of my friend Misa in Potsdam. x3

Hey everyone~

Now I'd like to show you some pictures of a teaparty one of my friends planned for her birthday at the 7th of August. Although the room was small we could all sit on the table, haha. Petticoats can be annoying you know? :D We were seven people. There was so much cake and so many cookies that I couldn't even try everything. It's a pity since I love food. ;o;
Afterwards we went to Sanssoucci in Potsdam to take some photos. It's a great scenery and I'd definitly like to go there more often for taking photos. ^__^

Selfie in my coord for the teaparty:

And here are some other photos: 

I don't have a lot to talk about, but it was very funny since there're a lot of tourists at Sanssoucci and many of them wanted to take a photo with us and thought it was interesting. There was a French group and they were pretty surprised when I talked to them in French. :D And I realized that my French became pretty bad and that I have to revise a lot, haha. Another person I remember was a Finnish father with his two kids who took a photo with us. :D
One of the girls took a lot of photos as well, but I don't have them yet. That's why I don't have so many photos to show you. Maybe I will post them later on! ^____^

Love~ <3

P.S. I just realized that I need a poofier petticout while looking at the last picture. orz

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