Sunday, June 29, 2014

Payday and random words~ :D

Hello Cuties~ ♥

Sorry for not posting so much, but I don't have a lot to talk about at the moment.
Only like 30 days of work left, when I don't count the weekend, which encourages me a lot. It's not that I dislike my work, it's just that I really can't wait to finally go to university. ^o^
Especially living in my own flat is one of the things I'm looking forward the most.
But finding a flat is difficult, especially when there are only a few small flats and my budget isn't that big... I have an eye on some flats, but I will move out at the end of September and now it's June... so you can imagine that they want to rent their flat to a person who wants to live in this flat from July and not someone like me, haha... But when I find a good flat, I will definitly sign the contract as soon as I can. :D

Next month, at 26th July I will go to Berlin. Firstly because of Ongaku Matsuri, which is a kind of Japanese-Anime-Disco. I will go there with my good friend from Berlin and I'm happy to meet some friends there. ^o^ But what I'm most excited for in Berlin is the 27th July because then I'll visit the BTS showcase! Can't wait to get to know the people I met on Facebook (one from France, one from the UK and a German girl). I will spend the whole day in front of the venue since I just have a standard ticket. And I'm so small that I wouldn't see anything if I was in a back row. >w< 

Yesterday I also ordered from Bodyline again. Yay!
I got this cute cutsew:

These shoes:

And this sweet hat:

I can't wait till my package arrives because it's like sending yourself a present, hehe. And I like to coordinate the new things with my stuff. Especially the cutsew.

Tomorrow I will also order these shoes from Aliexpress:

I fell in love with them so hard and they're just amazing and sooo cheap! I will order them in pink and if they fit very good, I'll buy them in white too. Seems like my recent addiction are shoes, haha. :D 

I also want to buy another stuff, but I will wait a bit now~ :D 

I will take photos of the items and review them, after they arrived. ^~^ 

See you~ ♥

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kanon's little selftalk~ ☆

Actually I only want to share my OOTD with you guys because I'm so in love with my new t-shirt. It's so cute! *^*