Saturday, May 10, 2014

B.A.P Live on earth 2014 in Düsseldorf/Germany!

Hello everyone~
Today I want to share my feelings about LOE in Düsseldorf with you!
It was the first time I ever went to Düsseldorf and this part of Germany, so the trip was special in many ways. At 2nd May I went by train and coach to Kassel where my friend Crow lives. I stayed at her home for the night so we could go to Düsseldorf by car the next day. I was really excited cause it's my first K-Pop concert and B.A.P are one of my favorite groups ever! Like, have you ever read their lyrics? Omg, so amazing, haha.
So~ we got up at about 6 am the next day to get ready. I wore my Hime Lolita outfit, because since we're having Balkony Side View tickets, I had enough space, haha. And bloomers are really cool at concerts because they're big enough to hide a water bottle inside... xD This trick really worked. xD
We started our trip short before 9 am and a friend of Crow, Misaki joined us. It took about two hours to get to Düsseldorf. When we arrived at the Mitsubishi Electric Halle, there were already so many people. A lot of Party Pit ticket owners slept in front of the venue for like 2 nights already so they could get a front place... We had our seats so we went by underground to Little Tokyo in Düsseldorf which was only 10 minutes away from the venue. I expacted it a bit ... well... more interesting, but all I found at Immermannstraße were some Japanese supermarkets, offices and a hotel. And a bookstore. First I wanted to buy the latest edition of the KERA magazine, but in the end I didn't because of the merchendise. :D At a Japanese supermarket, we bought melon ice cream. I wanna go to Düsseldorf in September again, but still I don't think that Japantown is that special... Maybe I'm just too spoiled because I was at Japantown in San Fransisco twice and there it's bigger and better, haha. :D
So~ we went back to the venue and at the subway station we met some other girls who wanted to go to the concert too.
While we were waiting in the queue, we started talking to the girls behind us and we became friends. It was about 2 pm when the merchendise should be sold. Actually I wanted to buy a signed album with the chance of a High Five Event, but they were sold out before I reached the merchendise... sad life. ;___; I got a t-shirt and a bag. And some stuff for my friends. :3
The concert itself started at 8 pm. I had a great view from my seat so I didn't regret buying the expensive ticket for 99€.
The first song was One Shot and when they appeared at the stage, I started to cry. It never happened at any concert that I started to cry, so I was really confused... I literally cried my heart out. I guess it was because I was so super happy about seeing them. I mean, they're real! Not just gifs or HD videos on youtube! Omg... I cannot remember the complete order or the songs but the concert was devided into "Earth needs ..."
The first film was about "Earth needs justice". Pictures of war were shown and Bang Yongguk held a speach about how cruel this world is. It brought me to tears again so I started to cry again. One of the following songs was Badman.
The next film was about "Earth needs Emotion". I cannot remember clearly but they said something like "Do you remember how you looked at him? Do you remember how you talked to him on the telephone? Do you remember him?" This was soooo emotional (as the title says, lol) that I cried.... again. And I guess I didn't stop crying during the whole concert. But this touched me so much... and yep, I remembered someone. At this part I cried the most I think... One of the songs was Rain Sound. Oh please, B.A.P, my feels... this was too much for my tiny little heart, hehe~
The next was about "Earth needs Love". Two matokis were talking about what love actually is. It was quite funny, because Totomaki didn't got the meaning of love. He was like: "Love is, liking everything about the person? Then love is like a.... idiot!" Haha. :D The following song was Lovesick. Oh yep, I cried again. Save Me followed, I guess... :D
"Earth needs Happiness" was one of the funniest parts of the concert. A video was shown and the audience should do the dance.... us was told that the dance is from the Matoki planet and will control our hormones... And that we should have a happy facial expression. And that we should critisize our neighbour if he's doing something wrong. :D At the end they said, we should show this dance to our parents before breakfast so we'll become the best dancers in the whole universe. Along with Check On we should dance the dancesteps and it was really funny. Now I cannot listen to that song anymore, without remembering this fucking dance. :D
The last part was "Earth needs Passion". They showed some quotes from e.g. Muhammed Ali about following dreams and the song was "Punch" of course. Oh and did I mention that I cried during all songs? No? Okay.... :D
The encore was 1004 Angel and Warrior. Holy shit, I really never ever cried so much just because of a concert. But it was the fucking best damn thing that I've ever seen! I mean... the songs (about 20?), the video parts, the quotes, the speeches, the guys.... EVERYTHING WAS FREAKING PERFECT, okay?
I'm still not over their awesomeness as you can see, and never ever say, that driving like 550km just for a concert and spending almost 100€ for a tickt is crazy! Never ever say this, okay? It was fucking worth it! More than that! It inspired me in many ways and for some reason it helped me a lot... I mean, I cry for a reason so hard at love songs. But thanks B.A.P for this awesome show. And I'm happy for everyone who had the chance to see these six guys performing live on earth.
Oh gosh...
I also took some photos... If you want me to post some, just tell me, but I'm still not able to look at these photos, because I guess I will die from the post-concert-depression... :D
This was my personal post about the concert, hehe~ <3
I hope you enjoyed. Anyone of my readers went there too?

See you~ <3

Btw, my bias is Zelo. *~*

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  1. Thanks a lot for the interesting update about B.A.P concert. I'm glad you enjoyed your time! ♥