Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog Update for April~ ♥

Hey everyone~ <3

Actually I planned to update my blog when I'm at work, but unfortunately my browser is too old and I'm not allowed to download a newer version... So I can only write in HTML... which really sucks. ;___; So I have to wait till I have enough time to use my laptop for uploading pictures...

By the way I'm currently working at a museum of art, but I have not so much work to do, because my coworkers are busy and I cannot help. I'm not really hired here. This is just for a year which is called "Voluntary Federal Service" in Germany. I get money for it of course. I did this right after graduation from school and I like it~ :3 In October I'll start going to university but I'm not sure which it will be yet. But I'm gonna study tourism economy and business. I may not look like that but I love these topics, hehe. ^~^

Last week, there was an event by the Anime/Japan/Manga-Club in my hometown. There were various workshops like "How to style a wig" or "How to do make up right" as well as a workshop about photography or painting. We also took some photos but I still have to ask the others whether I'm allowed to post them.

Today my museum has an exhibition opening where a lot of well-known people will come. I dunno them, because I'm not into art that much, haha. But one guest will be a famoous TV-show presenter, but I'm not sure if he'll come. I also came across taobao and now I'm planning to order a few things next month (as long as I have enough money), since I really like the cloths there... especially the cute shoes. *~*

Aaaaand~ I'm gonna see B.A.P in Düsseldorf at 3rd May! I'm so fucking happy, you cannot even imagine! They're one of my favorite groups... so it's worth the money. The ticket was about 100€, but who cares? (I cannot buy new cloths now, but hey, concerts are cool too xD)

So~ maybe I will post some pictures later~ <3

See you later~ <3


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