Thursday, December 25, 2014

Eastern Elegance Christmas Tea Party in Weimar

Hello everyone~ ♥

At 6th December the first Christmas Tea Party of my comm Eastern Elegence took place in Weimar. The location was in a small suborb of Weimar with only a few houses. The Tea Party was held in a beautiful estate, which was a perfect scenery for photos, especially for Classic and Gothic Lolita. The dark wooden walls were a contrast to my pastel colored Angelic Pretty dress. I went there by car with two friends.

 We were about 24 lolitas (I think three of them took their husband with them) at sat at three different tables. Everyone got a small bag with goods, like jewelry from sponsors and self-made cookies. The food was so delicious. There were different kinds of christmas cookies and sandwiches. Too bad that I couldn't eat as much as I wanted to. :D

After eating all this pretty prepared food, we started distributing the secret santa gifts. I got black selfmade wristcuffs, a necklace with roses and a matching bracelet. A lot of people forgot to write the names on the presents, so many of us got to know their secret santa. Mine was sitting right next to me. :D

There was also a raffle where I got a notebook, hairclips and shoeclips if I remember correctly.
 I talked to a lot of them and they were all super nice. Many of the girls were from other comms so I met some girls from the Berlin comm for example.
It was pretty interesting to talk to lolitas I didn't know yet. :)

group photo of everyone

group photo of my comm Eastern Elegance

This was my coord that day:

JSK & Headbow: Angelic Pretty - Day Dream Carnival
Blouse: Baby the Stars shine bright
Shoes & OTKs: Bodyline
Wig: Lockshop Cascade Faerie

Actually I wanted to have golden shoes for this coord  but I haven't got any till the day of the Tea Party. But I will definitly have some when I wear this coord the next time. More over I wanted to buy the matching tights off facebook but the seller read my message but never replied. That's always upsetting me. :(

My next post will be about the Christmas party of my Anime Club in my hometown, but I didn't get the photos yet.


Kanon ♥

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lockshop Wigs - Cascade Faerie Wig review ♥

Hello everyone,
here is my first review. Enjoy!

At 26th November I placed my order at and ordered the Cascade Faerie Wig for myself and the Soft Curls Pink wig for a friend.

I couldn't pay with my debit card on paypal, so I had to use my credit card. I don't know if this is because lockshop doesn't accept debit cards, or if this was caused by Paypal. The same thing happened to a friend with another foreign shop. Paypal only accepted credit cards. But when I ordered from a German shop, everything was find. It's kinda strange so I informed myself a bit and someone told me that paypal will stop allowing debit cards and only credit cards. I don't know if this is true, but if so, a lot of people are screwed. :D

I also messaged them that I needed my wig before the 6th December and prayed that they'll read it.

The order's status changed at 2nd December into "Proceeding order". I was already worrying, because it took so long for them to finally proceed my order. During the next days, the order's status didn't change and I lost faith that my wig will arrive on time.

But during the noon of the 5th December, the postman came and brought me my wigs! I was so unbelieveable happy that the woman must have thought I'm crazy. xD

Soft Curls Pink - I won't do a review on that one since it's for my friend. :3

Cascade Faerie

The wig's quality is really great. It's super soft and easy to comb dispite the wavy look, Its color is just like in the stock photo. On top it's a bit darker blonde which slowly fades into a very light blonde. The thinkness is okay, but I somehow wished for "more hair" for the fringe because without hairspray it can be difficult to cover the wig cap. In general, it's useful to buy a white or "skin-colored" wig cap for such a light blonde because a black one can shine through and would ruin the look. :3 It fit's perfectly and is comfortable to wear. 

They also sent some free gifts - three black wig caps, a comb, hairpins (which I really needed because they ALWAYS dissapear into nirvana after using them xD) and scrunchies.

Here are some worn pics of the wig. Unfortunately I don't have any better photos at the moment, so please excuse my toilet-selfies. :'D I purchased it especially for my Day Dream Carnival JSK by Angelic Pretty because I thought a light blonde wig would match best with the lavender color. And I really liked how it looked. ^___^ 

I hope you enjoyed my review. :)
I will definitly order there again, because I still need so many wigs. The next one I will propably buy, is the Mermaid Vanilla wig. Or any other light brown Mermaid wig, hehe.

See you~ <3

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Connichi 2014

Hey everyone <3

Long time no post... ugh~ I really want to post more often. Sorry. ;;
Now, I finally want to write a short post about Connichi 2014 in Kassel. It's the biggest Anime and Manga Convention in Germany and I guess it was my fourth time there. Before the Convention I stayed two days at a friend's house and it was pretty nice. I also met up with my friend Nana who's living in Kassel too. I drank the most delicious White Chocolate with soy milk at a café there! ;o;

On Friday I cosplayed Armin Arlert from Shingeki no Kyojin. I really like this costume but it's so uncomfortable... because of the straps. I'm too small and too skinny for them, so I always have to pull them up. >< I also met Anshie that day. She's quite famous for her Eren Jäger cosplay and a very nice girl... and also almost as short as me, haha. :D

(Photo by Katsuya Cosplay)

 On Saturday I wore my Baby, the Stars shine bright dress again. It was "Sweet Jewelry Princess". Though it was my first brand dress, it's also one of my favorite dresses. I found out that lolita is way more comfortable than cosplay, haha. It was pretty cool to meet all my friends from all over Germany again.

(Photos by my friend Ryou)

On Sunday I wore my Hime Lolita coord. My friends Chibi and Sanny went to the concert of Nagareda Project and we were standing in the first row. ^o^ It was amazing, especially when they started with the two Shingeki no Kyojin openings! Next to us were some Japanese girls who traveled to Kassel just to see Nagareda Project. At least I think so haha, because they owned a lot of merchendise and didn't speak any German.

(Photo by VH-Visions)

All I bought at the convention were two Rillakkuma pencils and three magazines... I haven't bought any manga for ages, haha. :D

Thanks for reading. <3

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random joy ~ Kanon is happy

Heyah everyone~

Yesterday I found a post on the EGL Sales which was just posted so I was quick enough to get one dress! A girl was selling the rest of her lolita wardrobe and sold all the pieces for very cheap prices. So tomorrow I will pay the dress and I'm just super happy becaaaaause: It's the Merry Sweet Castle JSK in prink from Baby the Stars shine bright. *___* I found out that there's also a replica of that dress but I'll have the authentic one. For 70€! Normal people would say "WTF you think that's cheap? It's just a dress!" But hell yeah, it is cheap! The original price was something about 250€ and even if I saw it Second Hand somewhere it was always something about 150€ to 190€, so yes it's cheap! :D
I really hope it's arrive fast so I can have it in my hands as soon as possible. It'll be my second brand dress and I'm happy about that! ^o^
I'm not a brandwhore (bc I don't have so much brand xD), but I actually like brand more than offbrand or bodyline. Bodyline is great for shoes and basics, but like 85% of the prints suck in my opinion. I also own two bodyline dresses and the ice cream skirt (which I think I'll sell soon since I don't like it anymore) and I guess I will order some dresses/skirts without print from bodyline. And a coat. But therefore I'll need some more money, haha.
Btw on Sunday I'll officially move out! Yay. My room is occupied with boxes and bags and it's annoying me so much. I can't wait to decorate my flat! ;u; It should be lolita inspired although I couldn't efford those awesome lolitaish furniture! But I'll try. ;___;

Thanks for reading!!
//Kanon. ♥

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First meet-up with my local Comm → Eastern Elegance

At 24th August I finally had the change to meet my local comm for the first time. I'm into lolita since 2012 but I never had the change to visit a meet up. I actually planned to attend a meet in 2013 but I didn't have the money nor the time. It was really upsetting, but finally I had the money AND the time, so I went to Rudolstadt in Thuringia by train (almost three hours journey, but this was fine by me). Actually I live in Saxony, but since the price for the train tickets would be the same, I went to the meet-up in Thuringia. I've never been to this city before, but I didn't get lost. It was a nice small city and the castle we visited was nice too! I wished I had the time to visit the museum inside the castle as well. Only bad thing was, that it was on a hill and the stairs were damn annoying, haha.
I was kinda nervous, because I didn't know anyone of the girls but everyone turned out to be very nice and friendly. One thing that was estonishing was, that only three or four (including me) girls out of about 13 were wearing brand. I expacted that almost everyone was wearing brand, haha. The other dresses were offbrand or handmade (or I didn't realize that it was actually brand, haha). And there was no "ita", haha. All the coords were nice and beautiful. ^w^
We took some photos outside and then went to a workshop about folding napkins. It was interesting but after two hours very tiring. And I was so damn hungry, haha.
After the workshop we had a picknick, but not only we liked the food but also a lot of wasps wanted to join us, haha. But hey, it's summer, what else do you expact? :D
In December there will be a Christmas teaparty and I will definily go there too!

Hugs and kisses,
Kanon <3

Birthday Teaparty of my friend Misa in Potsdam. x3

Hey everyone~

Now I'd like to show you some pictures of a teaparty one of my friends planned for her birthday at the 7th of August. Although the room was small we could all sit on the table, haha. Petticoats can be annoying you know? :D We were seven people. There was so much cake and so many cookies that I couldn't even try everything. It's a pity since I love food. ;o;
Afterwards we went to Sanssoucci in Potsdam to take some photos. It's a great scenery and I'd definitly like to go there more often for taking photos. ^__^

Selfie in my coord for the teaparty:

And here are some other photos: 

I don't have a lot to talk about, but it was very funny since there're a lot of tourists at Sanssoucci and many of them wanted to take a photo with us and thought it was interesting. There was a French group and they were pretty surprised when I talked to them in French. :D And I realized that my French became pretty bad and that I have to revise a lot, haha. Another person I remember was a Finnish father with his two kids who took a photo with us. :D
One of the girls took a lot of photos as well, but I don't have them yet. That's why I don't have so many photos to show you. Maybe I will post them later on! ^____^

Love~ <3

P.S. I just realized that I need a poofier petticout while looking at the last picture. orz

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ongaku Matsuri & BTS Showcase in Berlin (July)

Hello again! ^___^

At 25th July I went to Berlin (by carpooling since it's less pricy then the train) to visit Ongaku Matsuri and the Showcase of BTS. I was really excited, not only because of those two events but also because I will meet a lot of new people and friends!

On Saturday I dressed up in Lolita. I stayed at my friend Misa's place and we walked through Berlin together. At Alexanderplatz we met some of my friends I met on Facebook, because they were also in Berlin for the showcase. After a starbuck's drink we went to J*Store Berlin to take Purikura! Not all of my friends joined us, so Misa and I ended up going there with a friend from Kassel and two friends from England. Yes, they came to Germany just for BTS! We got along very well and right now I already miss them omg. ;o;
Here is a photo of one of our purikuras (I'm on the left side, haha. :D):

Afterwards we went to the venue of Ongaku Matsuri, which is like a j-rock/k-pop/anime party. There I met some other lolitas and cosplayers and at 8 pm the music started so we could dance. The bad thing was, that it has been very hot in the room so I had to go outside and couldn't dance a lot. My two friends from England had the same problem. :( But the next Ongaku Matsuri will be in January which means, there's not so much heath!! Hehe~ I will be there again, I'm sure. :D

On Sunday there was the Showcase of BTS. I only got like 4 hours of sleep because I got up at 4 am just to be at the venue at 7 am. I had to go 1,5 hs by public transport from Potsdam to Berlin. And why I wanted to be there that early? Well, I'm short and when I'm in a back row, I don't see anything... And there were 200 people with VIP tickets, which meant I have to be one of there first people with a regular ticket. In the end I was number 63 or something. Of the regular tickets. Most people went there earlier than me or even slept there, although it was dangerous as fuck. Next to the concert venue is a park which is famous for its high amount of aggressiv drug dealers and crime. Thank god nothing happened to the people who slep in front of the venue. 
So, I waited exactly twelve hours in front of the venue. But it wasn't that bad. I talked to the people there, went to McDonalds or had some ice cream with my British friends. :D I also met two girls from Serbia who traveled 24 hours to get to Berlin! That's so amazing omg. *-*
The showcase itself was very funny and I was so happy that my bias Namjoon talked so much! He was the only one who spoke English fluently (it's said that he taught it himself!!), so he translated everything for the other members. There was also the possibility for fans to get on stage and recieve gifts from BTS but unfortunately I wasn't chosen, haha. They also played a Germany-quiz-game and had to answer some questions of the fans. Before the concert we could write our questions on a board. The only question I remember was "Why are you so handsome? What do you eat?" xDD
The showcase was over after a bit more than an hour and it was so short! I wished they had played more songs but well... it was a showcase, not a concert. Afterwards there was the High5 Event but since I'm poor as fuck, I couldn't efford the ticket. But most of my friends could and they were so happy afterwards!! I'm happy for them. ;o;

On Monday I had a day off from work, so I went back home on Monday. But before I met up with Misa and my British friends again in Berlin, so we went to NeoTokyo. I wanted to buy a magazine but their credid card reader was broken, so I couldn't pay. ;___; Sad life. *sobs* xD

Well, I really enjoyed this weekend, although I only got few sleep, but it was definitly worth it!! I can't wait to go to Berlin again and to meet my friends. :D
Actually, one week later I went to Berlin with my family again, haha. But it wasn't that interesting, so I won't write a blogpost about it. Or rather it's nothing I want to share with the public. :D All I can say is, that I met a great guy there (I already knew him and we met uo again) and I've slightly fallen for him. But no, we're not a couple yet. ;___; Haha. :D

Hugs and kisses <3

Upcoming posts

Hey cuties,
long time no see.
Unfortunately I was very busy during the days or rather very lazy to post anything, but here I will make a list of posts I will write during the next days. I really feel like I should post more!

26. & 27. July → Ongaku Matsuri Berlin and BTS Showcase in Berlin ♥

07. August → Birthday Teaparty of a friend in Potsdam ♥

24. August → First meet up with my local Comm ♥

12. - 13. September → Connichi in Kassel ♥

Maybe it will take some time until I get the photos from Connichi, but until then, I'll post about the other events.

Love you~ hehe~ <3


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Payday and random words~ :D

Hello Cuties~ ♥

Sorry for not posting so much, but I don't have a lot to talk about at the moment.
Only like 30 days of work left, when I don't count the weekend, which encourages me a lot. It's not that I dislike my work, it's just that I really can't wait to finally go to university. ^o^
Especially living in my own flat is one of the things I'm looking forward the most.
But finding a flat is difficult, especially when there are only a few small flats and my budget isn't that big... I have an eye on some flats, but I will move out at the end of September and now it's June... so you can imagine that they want to rent their flat to a person who wants to live in this flat from July and not someone like me, haha... But when I find a good flat, I will definitly sign the contract as soon as I can. :D

Next month, at 26th July I will go to Berlin. Firstly because of Ongaku Matsuri, which is a kind of Japanese-Anime-Disco. I will go there with my good friend from Berlin and I'm happy to meet some friends there. ^o^ But what I'm most excited for in Berlin is the 27th July because then I'll visit the BTS showcase! Can't wait to get to know the people I met on Facebook (one from France, one from the UK and a German girl). I will spend the whole day in front of the venue since I just have a standard ticket. And I'm so small that I wouldn't see anything if I was in a back row. >w< 

Yesterday I also ordered from Bodyline again. Yay!
I got this cute cutsew:

These shoes:

And this sweet hat:

I can't wait till my package arrives because it's like sending yourself a present, hehe. And I like to coordinate the new things with my stuff. Especially the cutsew.

Tomorrow I will also order these shoes from Aliexpress:

I fell in love with them so hard and they're just amazing and sooo cheap! I will order them in pink and if they fit very good, I'll buy them in white too. Seems like my recent addiction are shoes, haha. :D 

I also want to buy another stuff, but I will wait a bit now~ :D 

I will take photos of the items and review them, after they arrived. ^~^ 

See you~ ♥

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kanon's little selftalk~ ☆

Actually I only want to share my OOTD with you guys because I'm so in love with my new t-shirt. It's so cute! *^*


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Flixbus Review/Erfahrungsbericht

Hello everyone~
This post still belongs to the B.A.P concert talk... but I needed some time to finally publish it. Actually I realized that I did some stupid typing mistakes in my las post, but Idc. xD
Well~ this one will be about the German coach-company "flixbus", so since it's German only, I continue in German. I hope you don't mind. Basically it's about my journey by bus instead of train.

Stecke: Leipzig Kassel und zurück

pro Fahrt 11€ (also 22€) → Frühbucher Spezialpreis, der bis einen Monat vor Abfahrt angeboten wird (denke ich... oO xD)
Vergleich Zug: zwischen 43 und 69€ pro Fahrt, also zwischen 86 und 138€ komplett
Ersparnis: bis zu mehr als 100€!

Bewertung:  ♥♥♥♥♥

ca. 4 Stunden
Vergleich Zug: Zwischen 3:30 h und 3:50 h
Also dauert die Fahrt nicht viel länger als mit dem RE/ICE Zug

Bewertung: ♥♥♥♥♥

Lage der Haltestellen:
Leipzig: nahe Hauptbahnhof, nur maximal 10 Minuten Laufweg, schnell zu finden, gut beschriftet
Kassel: Papierfabrik Kaufungen, sehr außerhalb, aber Straßenbahnanbindung zum Zentrum

Bewertung Leipzig: ♥♥♥♥♥
Bewetung Kassel: ♥♥♥

Mein Fahrer war sehr freundlich und hat auch den ein oder anderen Witz gerissen, nichts zu meckern. 
Snacks konnte man beim Fahrer kaufen, preislich ganz okay, habe das Angebot selbst aber nicht genutzt.
Toilette hat funktioniert.
Wlan anfangs auch, aber irgendwann hat es sich von alleine ausgeschalten und nicht mehr funktioniert. Ich musste erst einige Zeit warten, bis es wieder funktioniert hat. Das kann man gerne noch bearbeiten.

Die Sitze waren bequem, alles wie in einem modernen Reisebus.

Bewertung: ♥♥♥♥

Alles in Allem war ich sehr zufrieden. 
Eine Reise mit dem Fernbus kann ich nur jedem empfehlen, der genauso wie ich nicht das große Geld hat. Leider sind bis jetzt noch nicht alle Städte am Netz angebunden und auch die Abfahrtszeiten sind manchmal echt bescheiden. Bei dieser Strecke hat es sehr gut gepasst (es gab auch zwei Zeiten dafür), jedoch ist es bei der Verbindung von meiner Heimatstadt (nicht Leipzig) nach Berlin so, dass ich erst 22 Uhr in Berlin ankomme und der Bus schon früh um 10 wieder zurück fährt. Da gibt es keine Alternativstrecke. Leider. Aber wenn ich nach Kassel fahre, werde ich auf jeden Fall wieder mit Flixbus reisen. Es war eine sehr angenehme Erfahrung und ich war sehr positiv begeistert. Jetzt hoffe ich nur noch, dass die Preise auch so menschenfreundlich bleiben und nicht enorm ansteigen. 

Yours, Kanon. ♥

Saturday, May 10, 2014

B.A.P Live on earth 2014 in Düsseldorf/Germany!

Hello everyone~
Today I want to share my feelings about LOE in Düsseldorf with you!
It was the first time I ever went to Düsseldorf and this part of Germany, so the trip was special in many ways. At 2nd May I went by train and coach to Kassel where my friend Crow lives. I stayed at her home for the night so we could go to Düsseldorf by car the next day. I was really excited cause it's my first K-Pop concert and B.A.P are one of my favorite groups ever! Like, have you ever read their lyrics? Omg, so amazing, haha.
So~ we got up at about 6 am the next day to get ready. I wore my Hime Lolita outfit, because since we're having Balkony Side View tickets, I had enough space, haha. And bloomers are really cool at concerts because they're big enough to hide a water bottle inside... xD This trick really worked. xD
We started our trip short before 9 am and a friend of Crow, Misaki joined us. It took about two hours to get to Düsseldorf. When we arrived at the Mitsubishi Electric Halle, there were already so many people. A lot of Party Pit ticket owners slept in front of the venue for like 2 nights already so they could get a front place... We had our seats so we went by underground to Little Tokyo in Düsseldorf which was only 10 minutes away from the venue. I expacted it a bit ... well... more interesting, but all I found at Immermannstraße were some Japanese supermarkets, offices and a hotel. And a bookstore. First I wanted to buy the latest edition of the KERA magazine, but in the end I didn't because of the merchendise. :D At a Japanese supermarket, we bought melon ice cream. I wanna go to Düsseldorf in September again, but still I don't think that Japantown is that special... Maybe I'm just too spoiled because I was at Japantown in San Fransisco twice and there it's bigger and better, haha. :D
So~ we went back to the venue and at the subway station we met some other girls who wanted to go to the concert too.
While we were waiting in the queue, we started talking to the girls behind us and we became friends. It was about 2 pm when the merchendise should be sold. Actually I wanted to buy a signed album with the chance of a High Five Event, but they were sold out before I reached the merchendise... sad life. ;___; I got a t-shirt and a bag. And some stuff for my friends. :3
The concert itself started at 8 pm. I had a great view from my seat so I didn't regret buying the expensive ticket for 99€.
The first song was One Shot and when they appeared at the stage, I started to cry. It never happened at any concert that I started to cry, so I was really confused... I literally cried my heart out. I guess it was because I was so super happy about seeing them. I mean, they're real! Not just gifs or HD videos on youtube! Omg... I cannot remember the complete order or the songs but the concert was devided into "Earth needs ..."
The first film was about "Earth needs justice". Pictures of war were shown and Bang Yongguk held a speach about how cruel this world is. It brought me to tears again so I started to cry again. One of the following songs was Badman.
The next film was about "Earth needs Emotion". I cannot remember clearly but they said something like "Do you remember how you looked at him? Do you remember how you talked to him on the telephone? Do you remember him?" This was soooo emotional (as the title says, lol) that I cried.... again. And I guess I didn't stop crying during the whole concert. But this touched me so much... and yep, I remembered someone. At this part I cried the most I think... One of the songs was Rain Sound. Oh please, B.A.P, my feels... this was too much for my tiny little heart, hehe~
The next was about "Earth needs Love". Two matokis were talking about what love actually is. It was quite funny, because Totomaki didn't got the meaning of love. He was like: "Love is, liking everything about the person? Then love is like a.... idiot!" Haha. :D The following song was Lovesick. Oh yep, I cried again. Save Me followed, I guess... :D
"Earth needs Happiness" was one of the funniest parts of the concert. A video was shown and the audience should do the dance.... us was told that the dance is from the Matoki planet and will control our hormones... And that we should have a happy facial expression. And that we should critisize our neighbour if he's doing something wrong. :D At the end they said, we should show this dance to our parents before breakfast so we'll become the best dancers in the whole universe. Along with Check On we should dance the dancesteps and it was really funny. Now I cannot listen to that song anymore, without remembering this fucking dance. :D
The last part was "Earth needs Passion". They showed some quotes from e.g. Muhammed Ali about following dreams and the song was "Punch" of course. Oh and did I mention that I cried during all songs? No? Okay.... :D
The encore was 1004 Angel and Warrior. Holy shit, I really never ever cried so much just because of a concert. But it was the fucking best damn thing that I've ever seen! I mean... the songs (about 20?), the video parts, the quotes, the speeches, the guys.... EVERYTHING WAS FREAKING PERFECT, okay?
I'm still not over their awesomeness as you can see, and never ever say, that driving like 550km just for a concert and spending almost 100€ for a tickt is crazy! Never ever say this, okay? It was fucking worth it! More than that! It inspired me in many ways and for some reason it helped me a lot... I mean, I cry for a reason so hard at love songs. But thanks B.A.P for this awesome show. And I'm happy for everyone who had the chance to see these six guys performing live on earth.
Oh gosh...
I also took some photos... If you want me to post some, just tell me, but I'm still not able to look at these photos, because I guess I will die from the post-concert-depression... :D
This was my personal post about the concert, hehe~ <3
I hope you enjoyed. Anyone of my readers went there too?

See you~ <3

Btw, my bias is Zelo. *~*

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hello everyone!

I finally want to introduce me a bit more!


Kanon Camui (That's my artist name. I consider not to tell my real name online, but I can tell you that it starts with C, haha. :D )




Somewhere in Germany. I need like 3 hours to get to Berlin and three hours to get to Munich. And eight hours to get to Cologne. So you can make out, where I live~

Current work:

I graduated from school last summer and now I'm participating in an "Voluntary Federal Service" at a museum of art in my hometown. Afterwards, this October I will start attending a university. I dunno where yet, but it'll be Economy of Tourism. :)


Going to conventions, meeting my friends, Japanese fashion (Himekaji, Fairy Kei, Gyaru, Lolita), Cosplay (but I'm quitting cosplay now, since I just have not the face for cosplaying and it's too expensive for me. ><), my showgroup (which includes acting and dancing), K-Pop dance and K-Pop in general, fangirling <3, reading Manga, traveling and last but not least concerts!

Favorite Manga/Anime:

Shingeki no Kyojin, Death Note, Crash!, xx Me!, You're my loveprize in Viewfinder, Yaoi/Shounen-Ai in general~

Favorite Mangaka:

Hinako Takanaga, Ayano Yamane, Aoi Makino, Mayu Sakai, Ema Toyama, Nase Yamato

Favorite TV-series/dorama:

Hanazakari no Kimitachi he, Akumu-chan, Reply 1997, crime series like NCIS, Hawaii Five-O...

Favorite movies:

Heavenly Forest - Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru, Bunraku, Moon Child, We can't change the world, Thirst, Death Note, Koizora

Favorite music:

K-Pop: EXO, B.A.P, SHINee, AlphaBAT, ToppDogg, 2NE1, Block B, NU'EST, ... ~ J-Rock: An Cafe, LM.C, the GazettE, Piko, Matenrou Opera, Mejibray, ...

Favorite brands:

Angelic Pretty, Bodyline, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Where I want to buy soon:

DreamV/Yumetenbo, Taobao, BoBon21

Well, that's all I have to say... if you have questions, just ask. I know, this is not such a special and interesting and kawaii blog like Elizabunnii or Fetsu-chan have, but I will post more, especially reviews and outfits. ^~^ Be patient... hehe~

Kanon~ ♥

Blog Update for April~ ♥

Hey everyone~ <3

Actually I planned to update my blog when I'm at work, but unfortunately my browser is too old and I'm not allowed to download a newer version... So I can only write in HTML... which really sucks. ;___; So I have to wait till I have enough time to use my laptop for uploading pictures...

By the way I'm currently working at a museum of art, but I have not so much work to do, because my coworkers are busy and I cannot help. I'm not really hired here. This is just for a year which is called "Voluntary Federal Service" in Germany. I get money for it of course. I did this right after graduation from school and I like it~ :3 In October I'll start going to university but I'm not sure which it will be yet. But I'm gonna study tourism economy and business. I may not look like that but I love these topics, hehe. ^~^

Last week, there was an event by the Anime/Japan/Manga-Club in my hometown. There were various workshops like "How to style a wig" or "How to do make up right" as well as a workshop about photography or painting. We also took some photos but I still have to ask the others whether I'm allowed to post them.

Today my museum has an exhibition opening where a lot of well-known people will come. I dunno them, because I'm not into art that much, haha. But one guest will be a famoous TV-show presenter, but I'm not sure if he'll come. I also came across taobao and now I'm planning to order a few things next month (as long as I have enough money), since I really like the cloths there... especially the cute shoes. *~*

Aaaaand~ I'm gonna see B.A.P in Düsseldorf at 3rd May! I'm so fucking happy, you cannot even imagine! They're one of my favorite groups... so it's worth the money. The ticket was about 100€, but who cares? (I cannot buy new cloths now, but hey, concerts are cool too xD)

So~ maybe I will post some pictures later~ <3

See you later~ <3


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hello lovelies! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

This is my first post on here. I already head about three other blogs but I just didn't know what to write about and so I ended up posting nothing for about a year. Now I'm starting this new blog, which will include reviews about things I buy, pictures of my coords every now and then and also some other things I like. This blog will be in English only, but if you want a German translation (since I'm actually German), feel free to comment your question. But I think you're gonna understand my English. But please be kind if I make some spelling mistakes, my English is almost fluent but sometimes I'm too confused and mix up things, hehe. But I'd like to hear if I made a grammar mistake. So... what to say? In the next post I will introduce myself a bit~ I hope you like my blog, so please share it on Twitter or tumblr, so I find a lot of new readers. Yours, Kanon <3