Wednesday, November 8, 2017

10 Reasons why I love travelling alone

Hey everyone!

Do you like to travel? Who is accompanying you? Your friends? Siblings? Parents? Your partner?


Have you ever thought about traveling alone? Just you and yourself. This seems like a scary thought... having no one around, going everywhere alone. Maybe it could be a bit awkward?

But is that really true?
Is traveling alone a bad thing?

I don't think so, because I actually really enjoy it!
Here's why:

1. No compromising!
There's no one you have to agree with. No one to plan with. No one who will dislike your plans. So when you're traveling alone, there won't be any arguments and you can simply do what you want to do.

2. You're traveling at your own pace!
When there's no one with you, you can decide on your own to which places you want to go while planning your trip as well as when you're already there. Wanna stay a week in a specific town? Go for it! You don't really like the oh so pretty beach and you want to go back hiking? Do it! No one will be like "Naaah, let's stay here, I like it!"

3. You get to know yourself a little bit more!
While planning and traveling on your own, you will find out more about your likes and dislikes and even about stuff you didn't know before. How do you handle losing your way? Can you read metro maps? Are you a paper map or google maps type? Is it easy for you to approach strangers for you?
These are all things you only find out when you're alone.

4. You spend some quality time with yourself!
Usually we're all super busy, have to think about this and that, need to do something for our friends and try to finish a project at work until a certain deadline. Even at home we think about work, our studies or what we have to do. Being alone in an unknown place gives you time to breath. Just go hiking in that forest and rest on a nice bench while breathing in the fresh air. Without talking to anyone. Sit down on that bench in the crowded shopping center and people-watch. Without talking to anyone. Really relaxing!

5. You can change your plan spontaneously!
Even if you planned everything carefully and found the perfect tour for yourself, things can be the total opposite when you're there. You finished visiting the museum after half an hour so you decide to go somewhere else as well. Or you like a certain district of a town so much that you stay there the whole day and cancel your plans. No one will get annoyed of spontaneous changes!

6. You get to know the destination more!
Since there's no one with you, you have to interact more with the locals (more or less) and the place you're staying. There's no one with you who might know a good restaurant, so you have to look for one yourself. There's no one who will help you with the metro map so you need to read it yourself. 

7. You can decide how to spend your money!
Okay, so that waterfront villa is super expensive, but you want to experience it at least once a life? Book it! The oh so famous Skytree is fucking expensive so you decide not to buy a ticket? Fine! No one will be angry with you.

8. You become more self-confident!
During your trip, you make tons of decisions on your own, you plan everything and you learn how to spend money. And you also interact with strangers and a new place. So I'm pretty sure you'll come back as a confident person!

9. Some things will be easier when you're alone!
Have you ever thought "No one wants to go there with me, so I might just never go"? Stop worrying about this and go there! On your own. Who cares if your best friend doesn't want to go to Thailand because she likes her own garden more than anything? No one! So go there on your own!

10. You find out what's the most important thing in life!
Being independent, able to decide things on your own, you're a free person. 
You're a valuable person. You're important. 
What I learned especially on my trip to Bangladesh is to be grateful for the small things in life. Material things are nothing compared to the memories you make, the places you go, the photos you take and the friendly people you meet!

Do you have any other ideas? Do you agree?
Where would you like to travel to now?

Thank you for reading!

(All pictures are from my trip to Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain in Mai/June 2017)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Drug Store Blind Box October 2017 (Rossmann Schön für mich Box)

Hey cuties!
Welcome back to my blog! ♥

At the beginning of September one of my favorite German drug stores, Rossmann, held a giveaway on facebook. They gave away 5000 beauty-related blind boxes, you just had to be lucky enough to pick the right box on the giveaway page. They do this at the beginning of every month but I've never been lucky enough - until now!
I won one of the boxe in September, got my voucher in October and picked it up as soon as I got that!
The box was full of great things with an value of around 50€ or more but because of the voucher I only had to pay 5€! Awesome! I wasn't disappointed!

The box

Let me show you the items! ♥

Make Up Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm Palette
When I opened the box, this was the first thing that caught my eye. The colors are really shiny, kinda metallic and really pretty! There is pink, light blue, light purple and brown highlighter and I can't wait to try them all! I think you could also use them as part of your eyeshadow. I tried the light pink one (second one of the top row) already and loved it with pink blush!!

Cocos fase mask
I really love face masks so I was happy to have gotten this one. It's made for all types of skin so I've already tested it. Afterwards my skin felt really relaxed and the smell of coconuts made my home-spa day perfect!

Isana Soft Lip Balm Vanilla
The smell of this lip balm is amazing! The balm is like a ball so it's easy to apply. The shape reminded me of the overrated EOS lipbalms. But hey, the ones from Isana are almost the same, plus they're cruelty free!

Silicone Make Up Sponge
To be honest I've never seen a make up sponge made of silicone before. The back says that this material is better to apply wet make up because a regular sponge would eat a lot of make up while a silicone sponge won't. I haven't tried it yet especially since I apply my make up with my fingers. 

Cat style Sheet-Mask
I've seen those animal print sheet-masks in the past so I had to giggle when I discovered this one. I haven't tried it yet but maybe I should do it when my boyfriend is visiting me again. Who doesn't want a human with a cat face?!

Alterra Pomegranate Hand Cream
Hand creams are awesome, especially in winter because my skin always feels super dry and like breaking. This cream tastes so amazing. Plus it's 100% vegan! What a great catch!

Rival de Loop Contouring Stick and Cream Highlighter
I always wanted to practice highlighting and it seems like the god of make up is trying to force me to finally strart. The contouring stick seems to be a bit too bit to do precise contouring but I think I have to try it before I judge. The cream highlighter is not too shiny so perfect for a less extravagant look. I will have to try it soon too.

Frosh Soap for daily use
This bottle of soap is a simple soap for washing your hands. I haven't tried it yet because my other soap isn't empty yet. But the brand Frosch is only producing 100% vegan articles and doesn't test on animals. 

Revlon kohl
I also got this simple, black kohl of the brand Revlon. Too bad that I still have a lot of eyeliners and kohles from my "deep dark black eyeliner" times a few years ago. I only use liquid eyeliner on my eyelid now and not kohl on my lower waterline any longer. 
Plus Revlon sadly exports to China, which means that they test on animals. I can't support this brand.

Isana hair shampoo Almond Milk
I'm always happy to have good-smelling shampoo which at least tries to help my hair. But the name "Almond Milk, Milk protein with Almonds" made me wonder, so I googled the ingredients. Turned out there is real cow's milk in this shampoo (hell why??). So I decided not to use it and gave it to my boyfriend. It smelled good at least.

They also included a cute candle which totally matches my interior! Pink and white! 

There was also a brosure with four coupons in the box. 
20% off on another Silicone Sponge
2,00 € off on an Make Up Revolution item (SO GONNA USE THIS!)
0,40 € off another Frosch soap
20% off any Revlon kohl

 I just noticed that I didn't take a photo of the box of condoms which were included too. My bad. :'D

Conclusion: All in all I was super satisfied with the products I got. I will use almost all of them and was totally worth the 5 € I spent on the box. They included different types of items and I think that everyone of the winners got at least a few items which interested them. 
My fave? The Make Up Revolution Strobing Palette!

What would have been your personal fave?
Have you ever bought a blind box? Or won a similar giveaway?

Thank you so much for reading! ♥

Yours, Kanon

Monday, September 11, 2017

Lolita Outfit timeline ~ Part 2

Hello everyone!

More than two years ago I posted My Lolita Journey! Since then I got some more coords and I want to show them to you!

February 2016

One of my favorite photo shootings. Especially the right picture turned out super awesome! Thanks to the talented 

Dress: Powder Rose (Angelic Pretty)
Blouse: Bodyline
OTKs: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline
Wig: Lockshopwigs Cascade Faerie
Headdress: Taobao

February 2016

My first Gothic Lolita coord was almost entirely from Taobao! Awesome! ♥
Once again, the left photo is by 

Dress: Constellation (Sakuya Lolita - Taobao)
Blouse: Taobao
Tights: Taobao
Headdress: Taobao
Wig: Taobao
Shoes: Offbrand

July 2016

In July 2016 I modeled for Baby, the Stars shine bright ♥

Dress: Ribbon C'est Bon Belle Journée (Baby, the Stars shine bright)
Blouse: Baby, the Stars shine bright
OTKs: Baby, the Stars shine bright
Shoes: Baby, the Stars shine bright
Headbow: Ribbon C'est Bon Belle Journée (Baby, the Stars shine bright)
Bag: Usakumiya by Baby the Stars Shine bright
Wig: Lockshop Starlet Vanille

October 2016

On my last full day in Harajuku I was wearing this rather toned down coord. I got the dress from Closet Child and it was a real bargain!

Dress & Headbow: Country of Sweets (Angelic Pretty)
Blouse: Offbrand
OTKs: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline

November 2016

Sadly I only have one photo of this coord! I really need to take more! Another dress I got from Closet Child!

Dress: Chocolate Fascinate Carnival (Baby, the Stars shine bright)
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
OTKs: Baby, the Stars shine bright
Shoes: Axes Femme
Headdress: Angelic Pretty

December 2016

This dress was also from Closet Child and I fell in love with it! 
Left photo by Aiko Kaeru Photography, right one by Robin Schuchardt Photography.

Dress: Musee du Chocolat (Angelic Pretty)
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
OTKs: Wonder Rocket
Shoes: Axes Femme
Necklace: Vanillas Traumfabrik

March 2017

Dolly Cat is such an adorable and lovely dress and I just can't get enough of it. It's another piece from Closet Child!

My favorite Coord! 

Dress: Dolly Cat (Angelic Pretty)
Bouse: Metamorphose
OTKs: Dolly Cat (Angelic Pretty)
Shoes: Bodyline
Beret: Romantic Standard
Wig: Lockshopwigs Starlet Vanille
Necklace: Vanillas Traumfabrik
Bow: Claire's

For the rest of this year, I didn't buy any new dresses. I saved all of my money for my upcoming trips and more shopping in Japan. Currently I have one new dress on its way to me! It will arrive this week but I won't coord it soon because there's no meet-up this month. ;;

Do you think my style became better? What's your favorite outfit? ♥

Here's a comparison for you:

2013                                                            2017

Thank you for reading! ♥


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

10 reasons why I enjoyed visiting Bangladesh

Hey everyone!

I uploaded another video about my Bangladesh trip!
It's the last one and I'm happy that I could finally finish the series!

Most people wondered why I travelled to Bangaldesh and wondered even more why I liked it so much (that I wanna go back)!

Here's the answer:

Reason 1:
It's totally different from Germany and that's so exciting!

Reason 2:
Since there's no mass tourism, it's really authentic.

Reason 3:
It's a country of contrast. Rich people next to beggars, huge shopping centers next to old houses.

Reason 4:
It's safe! Yes, it really was for me!

Reason 5:
There were friendly people everywhere who were interested in where I'm from.

Reason 6:
Everyone showed me great respect and while taking selfies with me, especially men never touched me.

Reason 7:
I didn't experience any aggressive flirting.

Reason 8:
Shopping was nice because of the low prices.

Reason 9:
I loved the food there!

Reason 10:
It reminded me on what really counts in life and that I'm richer than I think.

For full information, watch the video!

Thanks for reading and watching!! ♥

Kanon. ♥

Saturday, July 29, 2017

8 cultural differences - Bangladesh & Germany

Hey everyone! 

Today I want to present you 8 cultural differences I noticed while being in Bangladesh.

Here's the video about the topic:

1. Meal times: In Bangladesh I had breakfast at around 9 am (similar to Germany), lunch at 2 pm (almost like in Germany, we eat at around 12pm to 1 pm) and dinner at 9 pm! Super late for my German ass! We have dinner at 6 pm to 7 pm!

2. Eating with hands: Bangladeshi eat everything with their hands... meat, rice, sauce... everything!

3. Noisy eating: In Germany it's considered rude and disgusting but in Bangladesh it's totally normall to chew loudly and to make noises while eating.

4. They like to share food: Everyone will offer you food, will ask you whether you're hungry etc. 

5. Maids and boys: Every rich family has at least one maid who's responsible for cooking, cleaning and the rest of the household. My host family even had two drivers and two boys who took care of the plants, opened the front gate etc.

6. High context: They will never tell you directly what's on their mind and you have to talk about a special thing more than once, because they might say yes even if they won't do it.

7. Small talk: Especially as a foreigner people will talk to you about everything and nothing. Get used to it!

8. New Year: I talked about this in my last blogpost. While Germans celebrate New Year's Eve, Bangladeshi will celebrate the morning of the New Year. Not with fireworks but with food, music and singing.


Watch the video for more information! ♥

Thanks for watching and reading! 

Yours, Kanon ♥